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Classic Motorhomes.

Are you a fan of Classic Motorhomes and Campervans? Well why not take a look at our Facebook pages all about Classic Motorhomes and Campervans? The idea is to build up a following and get interest in some of these absolute historic Classic Motorhomes and Campervans. If you have a story about times spent in a Classic, a holiday or something to tell us or even want to sell some motorhome memorabilia or even one of those iconic VW Campervans then please let us know. We do hope it will bring back some memories of early days in Motorhome Holidays and take you on a trip down memory lane! There is a Worldwide following for Classic Motorhomes and Campervans and you can see why certainly Motorhome Holidays in the 1950s and 1960s were really all the rage and today we see that ideal has not gone away today’s Motorhome is tomorrows Classic!

Burstner Elegance

Motorhome Finance.

Motorhome Advert ACF Direct Finance: Attention Motorhome and Campervan buyers “Fund it Before You Buy it” is a simple service to help you to establish what your budget is to buy a Motorhome or Campervan in the UK, this service is run alongside ACF Motorhome Concierge services. When you know what you can afford to borrow, ACF Direct Finance will appoint a dedicated member of staff to help you to find what you are looking for. To contact and get a dedicated member of staff to help you just ring the UK hotline: +44 (0) 1242-210926 you can give go over the details or request a call back or just complete the online Easy Help Application form. ACF Direct Finance registration number is Reg No: 551884. Supplying Dealers have to be registered on the Finance register and on Private sales you can be considered for a personal loan of up to £25,000 per person.


We Buy Any Motorhomes.

Our service for people who want to sell a Nearly New or Used Motorhome or a Used Campervan is still going strong. Our approved buyers are out buying Motorhomes and Campervans all over the UK. They collect from your doorstep or at any convenient place to suit you. This season has seen a real shortage of good Used Motorhomes and Used Campervans so if you want to sell now is the time to get a good price! Also prices on part exchange are going up are you getting the right value in your deal? Send us your Vehicles Details and we will ring you back, you can telephone for a call back: +44 (0) 7703-107293. We provide you with a FREE valuation that you can rely on us to buy try us today. The Motorhome Knowledge is also useful to talk over your preferences with them and hopefully end up with a better deal when you know your present Motorhome or Campervan is Sold!

Motorhome Marketing Our Blog.

Motorhome Marketing from Motorhomes Our Blog is getting many visitors as we create more interesting stories and posts about Motorhome and Campervan Topics! If you have a relevant Motorhome Blog let us know and we can see how we can share topics and information!


Autosleeper Wave

Autosleeper Wave Mercedes.

Are you in the market for a Van Conversion of the highest specification and with the knowledge that you will be buying a top brand, with a name that says Class and Style! Yes that is what you get with the Mercedes Benz Vito Van Conversion from Autosleeper Motorhomes.  Autosleepers are not new boys on the block they started in 1961! They have been converting Motorhomes, Campervans and Van Conversions for over 50 years. The relationship with Mercedes Benz has grown and as well as building Coachbuilt Motorhomes on Mercedes Benz Chassis. On this conversion they now have two models available with  the Autosleeper Wave High Top and the Pop Up Top version. The Autosleeper Wave fits for anyone wanting a class second vehicle that can be used as as a family’s alternative to a people carrier and is an ideal stepping stone for anyone wanting to downsize and maintain a foot in the leisure world door!

Motorhome Marketing

Motorhome Marketing.

We have been working hard to get the Motorhome Marketing brand to work to help our clients that use us as a platform to find new leads and new business. The PR side of our business is very much about the use of the social media platforms that we have developed and are now growing. We look at what a leisure related business will need in this digital age and then have a real conversation with the business owners to point out all of the options available to use! What does become apparent that if they have this illusion that a new website is all that is needed and they can do that themselves for low cost and the World will come to them! How wrong can anyone be in this day and age be! We like to remain polite in our replies to some customers who really do believe in that strategy. Here they are selling products up to £100,000 and not prepared to invest £5,000 to probably return £10,000 priceless!

Autosleeper Sussex BB

Ideas That Work.

Our business has began to develop and we often think about how we developed ideas for clients to be different the Autosleeper Centre Of Excellence springs to mind! A simple concept that had to become a winner because it was like looking back in time, a dealer having had Hobby, Elddis, Romahome, Wheelhome and Autosleeper along with selling Used Motorhomes nothing wrong with the products just the business effort was fragmented, so it was simple concentrate on one product and become expert in that one product and the Centre of Excellence was born. Having all the Autosleeper Range in one indoor showroom had to be a plus in those winter months and a plus for customers to actually see all of the Autosleeper layouts and berth right next to each other! What has now taken a couple of years to be established has made the proposition a win win for customers and the client.


Motorhome Motability.

What of the future of Motorhomes for the disabled to get relief from the VAT well that is still a hot topic in the UK! Hopefully it will be all resolved in the Spring of 2016. So many people have responded to our page Motorhome Mobility about the recent judgments against HMRC after action to prosecute a large Motorhome Dealer that went in favour of the Dealer. At the moment there appears to be very few Motorhome Dealers if any, who are willing to supply a vehicle to the genuine disabled people who qualify for exemption!

Has To Be A Classic Motorhome or Campervan.

We have quite a lot of boards now all related to Motorhomes and Campervans we are looking at all sorts of Motorhome and Campervan things we can pin onto our Pinterest Boards especially the ones about Classic Motorhomes and Campervans.

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How Much For That Vintage Iconic VW?

Well they said that they were going up in value and just to prove the point how about this for a Classic VW Microbus example of how to restore and maximize your return on your investment!