2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today

New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today. Does the 2019 New motorhomes journey begin today? Well, it does not take long for Christmas to end and that new year to come and go! So, what will 2019 hold in store for your motorhome aspirations? Maybe a change of motorhome? Maybe you will be well past 21 and thinking of what to spend your money on? Let us see if we are able to start you thinking, about those New Year expeditions! Well, take a look at the videos to see what is in store.

Here at motorhomes campervans, we are devotees to making things happen for our clients and customers. Therefore, we want to see what we may be able to do, to discover places to go and see in 2019. That aside then we have to see what’s on offer, The questions are what will be your choice of motorhome or van conversion be? Clearly, motorhome shows are going to play a part, in promoting new motorhomes. However, with a changing motorhome marketing, what will the customers experience become? So, to get you thinking, we thought we would tell you about a couple of motorhomes that may be of interest to consider. Both, with Auto-Sleeper involvement.

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today – The Players

Now to begin the journey, we need to set the scene. We have a combination of Brexit members, all rolled into one here. English being Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, Peugeot being French along with the Trigano Group and McLouis being Italian. All involved in selling brand new motorhomes. One is a completely new boy on the block, a McLouis Fusion 739. The other more familiar name is the new Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus. They have a lot to offer any new Coachbuilt or van conversion buyers. To summarize;

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  2. McLouis Fusion new motorhomes 2019
  3. Trigano Group owners of McLouis and Auto-Sleeper
  4. Peugeot renowned motorhome chassis
  5. coach-built motorhomes
  6. van conversions
  7. award-winning designs
  8. 2019 motorhomes for the UK
  9. Italian motorhomes
  10. fixed bed layouts

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today – The McLouis Fusion

The McLouis motorhome group, a little insight to who they are; With the assistance of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes have brought new Italian style motorhomes to the UK. The 2019 McLouis Fusion 379, raises the bar on family-based motorhomes. This model as with the other four is based on the fixed bed motorhomes. Having, all those Italian features. Also, built with the family in mind. This McLouis Fusion is a five-seat belted motorhome. With four berths, being 7410m in length and 2950m in height. This places the McLouis Fusion to be practical and provide a very serviceable motorhome. Anyone, considering the need for space a simple fixed bed layout? This McLouis Fusion 379 is well worth a look over. The most important thing is the price is very competitive. Because McLouis Fusion 379 has a proven record and is priced to sell. With an Italian pedigree, you get all the style with a very practical layout. With so much on offer, you will soon see why this motorhome is returning to be sold in the UK. McLouis Fusion 379 – Price From £54,995.

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today – The Symbol Plus

The Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus has popped up to add value, to a very established name in a van conversion. This word Symbol is virtually one of the longest-running of Auto-Sleepers van conversions. Even the most ardent fan, of other van conversions, will know that the immensely popular designs go way back. In fact, to the very first of the Peugeot Boxer conversions. Today, we find the Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus is based upon a longer wheelbase van. Well, no prizes for guessing the logic behind what Auto-Sleepers has done. They have absolutely maximised the space available. With the new Symbol Plus, you get what customers are looking for, space! Essentially, you can consider this to be an Auto-Sleeper Symbol at the front end and an Auto-Sleeper Stanway type design at the rear. It is a stunning layout. The secret is in the combination of a layout placed onto a long wheelbase Peugeot Boxer. Prices from £53,700.

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today – The Fiat Option

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today – Exclusive

2019 New Motorhomes Journey Begins Today