The customer’s leisure vehicle health check starts right here

We are adding value products for motorhome campervan caravan partner dealers. If you work selling leisure vehicles, you will know how difficult it has been in sourcing used leisure vehicles, quoting delivery dates for new ones and getting accurate part exchange valuations has added to the problems. The pandemic has had a lot of questions to answer, and the turnaround of people wanting to buy leisure vehicles has been staggering. We believe questions about the effect of Brexit remain unanswered. We won’t bother mentioning the politicians in charge and the bad decisions made. There is not enough space on our website to get everything written down. The time has come to provide leisure dealers with products and services that will make a difference. Most important is to add value and find out what will earn money offering any customers value for money.

Motorhome campervan caravan partners dealers

So, what will make a difference? Most leisure businesses are facing decisions on how to cut costs. The problem is that if you slash the marketing budgets, and lay off salespeople, you may as well close the doors. The argument is that they have nothing to sell so, why keep them employed? Well, that has to be the most short-sighted decision to be made! Getting to talk to existing customers has to be the sales team’s top priority they may have or are about to sell their leisure vehicle so, there lies opportunity. You would be surprised how any form of interaction with an existing customer can be a lifeline to them. Many customers are close to or drawing a pension a chat about their motorhome that could save them money will be most welcome.

Contacting customers old and new

Here at Motorhomes and Campervans, we know the answers to many FAQs. So, let’s look at those areas of help you can provide your existing customers. You may be surprised how many customers need help! We have a list for you as a guide. We know that many do not understand affiliate programs and forming partners to work on helping the customer find value-for-money services. Just simple everyday things for the sales team to do. How many have your team carried out? Before you contact any customers think of becoming the good samaritan and see what will help, no one will turn away savings. Contacting customers is all about helping them, not just an email thanking them it’s picking up the phone and ringing them. The classic reason not to ring them is that they have had problems with the vehicle. Now is the time to show that you are there to help if you can.

  1. Service and MOTs customers may have missed out because of the lockdown
  2. Do they know about approved workshops?
  3. Has their tax and insurance run out? 
  4. Can they get an independent quote from an FCA-approved broker?
  5. They may not have taken their leisure vehicle out of storage for some time
  6. Have storage fees been overlooked are they competitive?
  7. Just what is the state of their motorhome standing can cause all sorts of issues, tyres, flat batteries damp etc
  8. They may be thinking of selling their leisure vehicle but are worried about the condition
  9. Maybe because their motorhome days are coming to an end they want to sell
  10. Has their motorhome warranty run out can it be extended? 
  11. They may be behind with payments and need an FCA broker to help
  12. Would they like to hire out their vehicle and need online booking help?
  13. Now don’t be surprised if they would like to upgrade their vehicle
  14. They may want to downsize looking for a smaller vehicle
  15. Many people may want some help and often don’t know who to ask
  16. From booking holidays, ferry tickets, campsites, or going on a motorhome tour help can be rewarded
  17. When was your last email or newsletter going out to them? 
  18. Can you include them in news updates as this might help them keep in touch? 
  19. Do you have their permission to help them?
  20. Just making contact and getting an update on their leisure vehicle provides all sorts of opportunities

How can we help you find new products?

For a start, we can help find used motorhomes and campervans online. Our advertisers Caravan and Motorhome Sales Ltd send all their leisure vehicles to auction. With video introductions about the makes and models with a condition report as well! Underwritten prices are available from their sister company “we buy any motorcaravan” virtually 24/7. In addition, a dealer can register to buy leisure vehicles and receive special account terms.

Warranty insurance breakdown habitation support

Warranty breakdown insurance and other types of coverage may be available to help a customer get back on the road. Our advertiser’s Engineer Aftercare provides all sorts of services for dealers ask them to take you through them. They will consider making you a partner and help promote products for leisure vehicle dealers direct to the customers. They provide affiliate support and pay commissions on the sales of their products. They have some very innovative products like anywhere habitation cover and tow car cover as well as the normal quotes online.

Browse, bid and buy online

So, now you can get access to bid on motorhomes and campervans via motorhome auction sales vendors Caravan and Motorhome sales Ltd. There are two sales a month and the interest is growing in getting the entry via a newsletter. We know it works as dealers like the no-nonsense approach and can get vehicle stock at the fall of the hammer. Browse, bid and buy at your leisure with a central location for collection if you are a successful buyer.

Adding value products motorhome campervan caravan partner dealers