American Fastbacks Motorhome Group

The American Fastbacks motorhome group story is a little hard to tell re motorhomes. However, being part of the Erwin Hymer motorhome group we thought a mention would not go a miss! What does American Fastbacks do? For those of you who genuinely do not know. They develop a line of revolutionary Jeep JK and TJ/LJ hard tops. The effect of making theses provides real benefits when driving. The aim has been to drastically reduce cabin noise!

This achieved, then make sure that drivers are protected from the open road. The American Fastback-outfitted Jeep, makes life easier and drivers speak with normal volume, while riding in the comfort of the cabin. No more ‘loud talking’ over road noise. The American Fastback hard tops are easy to install. You simply use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware. Then using the factory mounting points provided by Chrysler/Jeep. It is then just then a matter of how to mount the hard top. it’s proven to increase the resale value of your Jeep Wrangler.

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American Fastbacks Motorhome Group

American Fastbacks

1945 Burgundy Place, Ontario, CA 91761

For fastest service, call us at 909-390-0002

American Fastback Motorhome Group Erwin Hymer

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