Aunty Wainwright motorhomes

Before I tell you about Aunty Wainwright motorhomes sales strategy. I think I should tell you while I am laughing writing this blog post. Go on then! Well I read on a forum, that a guy had gone to buy a fuse for his control panel and spent £28,000 on a new motorhome!

Sounds like an expensive fuse! Well I can see that Aunty Wainwright character now, rubbing her hands together, as you enter the showroom! That sneaky smile, knowing that you are about to enter her spiders web. Will you or won’t you escape from Aunty Wainwright motorhomes? That is the question?

Who Was Aunty Wainwright?

Aunty Wainwright was the shop owner, on last of the summer wine TV series. (little did you know she sold motorhomes as well)! The character Clegg was always reluctant to go into her store, because, she always sold him something he did not want to buy. Does that sound familia?

In addition, she was extremely mean, and felt cheated,  when giving a discount. At Compo’s funeral, pretending to be blind, in order to avoid giving money to a church collection. They do not make them like that anymore or do they?

Buying From Aunty Wainwrights Motorhomes

Well as the sign says, “caveat emptor”  buyer beware!  So, before entering any Aunty Wainwrights motorhomes showroom, maybe that is good advice. Especially, if Aunty Wainwright is on duty! I write about this in the nicest way possible. But, does the story sound familiar.

Yes, in you go and all you see is shiney motorhomes, all saying buy me, no buy me, no over here! And before you can say Jack Robinson, who ever he may have been,  Aunty Wainwright will have struck. You will now possibly be the new owner of a motorhome that is not quite for you!

How Did That Happen?

Ask yourself, were you so naive to just buy the one that Aunty Wainwright recommended? Such a nice one, made for you and as cheap as chips! Those words still ringing in your ears! Yes, by jove,  she has struck again and also maneuvered, that old stock model into your drive as well.

How does she do it? Well when you are buying a motorhome, the heart can rule the head. Now that is a dangerous combination, especially with Aunty Wainwright in full flow! There are many of Aunty Wainwrights relatives still out there, “Steady Tiger” they look hungry.

First Time Buying

When buying any motorhome for the first time, great care is needed. The facts remain that motorhomes are no small cost items, far from it! So, please have a laugh about Aunty Wainwrights motorhomes but, remember to do your research.

You may have brought all sorts of things in the past but, these are really different. They will become your home on wheels, for many weeks for some people. Just try to keep them in tip top condition and if you want advice ask a motorhome owner not Aunty Wainwright!

Aunty Wainwright’s Lesson

Well you may have been on the receiving end of one of Aunty Wainwright motorhomes deals. However, take heart you will not have been the first or the last person to have brought a motorhome from Aunty Wainwright motorhomes.

This is really about discipline and planning and not just buying on impulse! The world is full of unscrupulous people, just out to take you for a ride. In addition, to taking your hard earned cash as well! Surly not Aunty Wainwright? Such a lovely old lady!

10 Research Ideas

If you insist on buying from Aunty Wainwright motorhomes, then consider ways to protect you. Ask her advice by all means, but, do not take it as gospel. Seek good advice and do not just buy on impulse. That way you will feel much better!

  1. know your budget
  2. research online first
  3. check the vendor
  4. speak to any last owners
  5. HPI check it is not on finance
  6. has it been stolen
  7. have it inspected by proffesionals
  8. do not buy the first one on impulse
  9. does it fit on the drive
  10. do you need storage

Think Before You Buy

Always deal with a know motorhome dealer, dealing with trusted brands, like Autosleeper Motorhomes. Building motorhomes and van conversions for over 56 years in the UK. No, Aunty Wainwright motorhomes does not have the franchise!

Autosleeper Trusted Motorhomes

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