Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue

There is no doubt, that the Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Euro 6 engines are a step forward. Having become the choice using the Peugeot Ad Blue engines on the Peugeot motorhome chassis and van conversions. Thus, introducing the Ad-Blue systems on the Peugeot Coachbuilt and Van Conversions 2017 motorhome range. So, this very different engine uses the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). In fact, this is very ingenious technology, using the Ad-Blue that is an additive and is stored in a separate tank.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue is an excellent way to avoid polluting. However, unlike fuel, it is not an injection into the engine, far from it. In fact, it goes directly into a specially modified part of the motorhomes Peugeot exhaust. So, this then provides a chemical reaction. One that just removes the polluting oxides of nitrogen (NOx), converting them into harmless oxygen and nitrogen. Thus, the Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR for short. SCR is only applicable to diesel engines.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Oxides

Removing Polluting Oxides of Nitrogen, Using this system complies with Euro 6 emission standards. Also, this shows how Auto-Sleepers are gearing up to become a very environmental motorhome manufacture. There are other bonuses being more fuel-efficient and helping the environment, which has to be a good thing. In line with European legislation, motorhome manufacturers are bound by ever-stricter regulations, just like those on cars.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Technology 

New Technology. With the VW emission scandal, the fact that we have diesel engines in many motorhomes, highlights the pollution issues. Legislation has not come soon enough for many people. We face a future that has to be a hybrid first, followed by all electric power. This could make a huge difference to motorhome travel. With the speculation and now testing of driverless vehicles, stopping harmful pollution has to be another good thing.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Emissions

Reducing Emissions is a priority for all motorhome manufacturers. This has in effect become legislation over the even wider environmental concerns. The new Euro 6 emissions standard introduced in 2016 affects diesel cars and motorhomes. To comply with the new rules, just like the carmakers, motorhomes have also had to focus on minimising harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue SCR

SCR stands for (selective catalytic reduction). With the use of the new technology known as ‘selective catalytic reduction’ (SCR). In effect, this has become an extremely effective way of reducing the harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Auto-Sleeper via using Peugeot engines are bringing diesel engines up to the standard. An SCR system uses a solution of urea and water. Therefore, by just injecting tiny amounts into vehicle exhaust gases, thus making them cleaner.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Legal Requirements

Why This Technology? All manufacturers, including motorhome manufacturers, using chassis, must meet Euro 6.1 requirements. Those requirements ensure, that vehicles feature the latest and best emission equipment. Therefore, emitting far fewer harmful pollutants into the environment.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Tank Empty Warning

If the Ad-Blue tank becomes empty so pay attention. Therefore, if you have run out when the vehicle switches off you will not be able to restart until the tank is refilled. The estimated motorhome mileage on a tank full is between 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Also, a good safeguard to not running out is to let the Peugeot dealership top up your Ad Blue as part of the service. Therefore, for most motorhome customers there, will be no need to fill up with Ad-Blue between services. In fact, if a top-up is required, Peugeot dealerships or most service stations have Add Blue available. Also, the tank on the Peugeot is a 15-litre tank. Thus, this is accessible from the outside and is located under the fuel filter.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Fill Up

Run Out of Ad Blue? In fact, under the legislation, it is a requirement that the motorhome cannot be driven under those conditions. That is, where emissions do not conform to the legislation. So, on the Peugeots Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, there is a UREA warning light. Then when you have 1,500 miles left an orange UREA warning light appears and then an audible warning will alert the driver. Therefore, at only 350 miles left, the driver is warned by a red UREA warning light. In addition, to an audible and verbal warning, this is to help avoid running out of Ad Blue.

Please Note;

The models built on a Fiat Chassis will not feature SCR using Ad Blue, utilising the NOx Trap technology instead.

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Additive

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue Fiat

Auto-Sleeper Ad Blue