Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019

This is not fake news, this is fantastic news, Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019. Yes, McLouis Fusion dealers and customers are delighted to see this prestigious award go to Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. This year’s Tent, Caravan and Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Awards have been announced. Auto-Sleepers have been awarded “Best Motorhome Manufacturer (UK New and Used)”! The club president Julia Bradbury presented the awards at the Midland hotel in Manchester.

Auto-Sleeper became the winners, based entirely on the feedback. The results come from, the many thousands of club members. Practical caravan and practical motorhome readers completed the 2019 owner satisfaction survey. The voting took place from February to November 2018. The new category of the best motorhome manufacturer, (UK New and Used sales). Auto-Sleeper motorhomes won the award, having been voted the “best motorhome manufacturer of 2019! Truly an outstanding achievement, for one of the UK’s longest established motorhome manufacturers.

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 Trigano Group

The details of the awards, will be published in the February issues of Camping & Caravanning, Practical Caravan and the April issue of Practical Motorhome. Industry awards, may come and go, Auto-Sleeper continues to win many of them. They have been manufacturing motorhomes for over 54 years. That certainly tells a story of it’s very own. Now,  Auto Sleeper are a Trigano group company, they seem to go from strength to strength. Trigano group, has many well know brands throughout Europe. They are market leaders in many countries. The group as with Auto-Sleeper, tends to focus on being innovative and highly competitive. Offering customers, virtually all layouts and building quality motorhomes. Trigano owns brands such as;

  1. Adria Motorhome Group
  2. ARCA Motorhome Group
  3. Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group
  4. Auto-Trail Motorhome Group
  5. Autostar Motorhome Group
  6. Benimar Motorhome Group
  7. Challenger Motorhome Group
  8. Chausson Motorhome Group
  9. Ci Motorhome Group
  10. Elnagh Motorhome Group
  11. Eura Mobil Motorhome Group
  12. Font Vendôme Motorhome Group
  13. Karmann-Mobil Motorhome Group
  14. Kentucky Motorhome Group
  15. McLouis Motorhome Group
  16. Marquis Leisure
  17. Mobilvetta Motorhome Group
  18. Notin Motorhome Group
  19. Randger Motorhome Group
  20. Rimor Motorhome Group
  21. Roller Team Motorhome Group
  22. Tribute Motorhome Group
  23. Xgo Motorhome Group

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 UK Manufacturing

Auto- Sleeper motorhomes, continues to build outstanding coachbuilt motorhomes. Alongside, building excellent van conversions. Built on Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and Fiat chassis and vans. Also, with a range of AL KO chassis. The innovative van conversions, continue to provide excellent layouts and models that work well. The ability to design better layouts, based on customer feedback, has been part of the Auto-Sleeper success story.The fact that Trigano group are able to support, has been well demonstrated. Especially, in the introduction of the Auto-Sleeper exclusive, McLouis Fusion range. The McLouis Fusion are all made in the factory in Italy. The introduction of an exclusive range is bespoke and exclusive to Auto-Sleepers. This has been well received by customers. The McLouis Fusion has 5 models, all based on fixed bed layouts. This with a large garage space, fits into the established Auto-Sleeper range. Filling a gap, that is an ideal option for any customers to consider.

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 Developing The McLouis Fusion Brand

Auto-Sleeper has been developing the McLouis Fusion brand, from a cold start. This has been just one challenge for Auto-Sleeper in the UK. This was an ideal opportunity, to use the strength of the McLouis name, backed up by the factory in Italy. Auto-Sleeper already have a great network of dealers in the UK. However, this was an ideal time, to select specialist dealers. Selecting motorhome dealers, who could fit the motorhomes within their portfolios. Auto-Sleeper have appointed specialist McLouis Fusion dealers, to help customers, buy with ease. With starter prices from £49,995 and with 4 berths and some models with 5 seat belts. This has been providing options, with high specifications available. In the early launch McLouis Fusion models, having some excellent accessories as standard.

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 Made In Italy Sold In The UK

Auto-Sleeper recognise that, McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are a good fit. Thus, providing customers with options. Typically Italian, the McLouis Fusion are truly outstanding motorhomes. So, that task in launching in the UK  is well underway. In fact, becoming well established in the UK and Scotland in 2019. Clearly, early indications and reviews are good. The fusion of the Auto-Sleeper and McLouis brands, being virtually just perfect. Buying McLouis Fusion motorhomes, is now established and moving forward. The McLouis Fusion has interesting benefits. Because, all the 5 models may be downgraded to 3500 kg. Therefore, this will allow the models to be driven on a standard UK licence. McLouis Fusion dealers are now on hand to help customers find out more details about the range.

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 McLouis Fusion

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 UK History

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 UK Innovation

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019 Show Winner

Auto Sleeper Award Winners 2019

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