Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion

The story of Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion, is an inspired development of the two, Trigano Group brands. Who are Trigano Group? Well, for those who do not know they are one of Europe’s largest motorhome manufacturers. Owning many recognised brands. Now, those brands are being developed to fit into the UK motorhome market. Hence, the emergence of an exclusive deal with Auto-Sleeper motorhomes and McLouis motorhome group. The English tradition, goes well with the Italian style. Providing customers with some excellent options. With the McLouis Fusion, downsizing chassis option, availing to be driven, on a standard UK driving licence.

The UK motorhome market is in a very developing mode. Having a number of UK motorhome manufacturers, completing with European imports. This has to be an interesting development. Also, for the consumer, competition will provide savings and models representing value for money. So, the world of leisure vehicles in the UK, looks set to continue and develop, even further. The entrance of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, always creates attention. So, being acquired by the Trigano Group, in January 2017, this held exciting possibilities. Auto-Sleeper, have been building motorhomes, for over 56 years in the UK. Joining with fellow Trigano company McLouis motorhomes, an Italian favourite in Europe. Thus, making the combination of a fixed bed range, into a branded McLouis Fusion. How does that work todate? Apparently, with spectacular success!

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion The Story

This story really has been about a Fusion. That being the very desirable McLouis Fusion, with fixed bed layouts, end garages and 4 berths, All five models have become an instant hit. They fit in with what Auto-Sleeper is all about. Pride, Passion, Perfection and Price. The highlights to the success have soon followed on. This is easy to see why, when you look into the models available from both brands. Auto-Sleeper renowned for its Mercedes Benz and Peugeot based coachbuilt motorhomes. Building, a reputation for developing van conversions. They have been based on Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato vans. Sitting, on a Fiat chassis, are the McLouis Fusion range. With the option of the Fiat comfortmatic gearbox. The six speed manual being the standard transmission. Todate we have seen;

  1. introduction of the McLouis Fusion at the NEC October 2018
  2. appointment of McLouis Fusion dealers
  3. launch weekends with the McLouis Fusion dealers
  4. attending the Manchester motorhome show
  5. Glasgow, the launch of all 5 models at the Scottish motorhome show
  6. sales being conducted ahead of schedule
  7. social media Facebook and Twitter accounts providing information
  8. new website dedicated to the McLouis Fusion

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion The Development 

OK, where are we now with the McLouis Fusion development? Well, that is now being driven by the McLouis Fusion dealers. With key specialist dealers in the UK, Scotland and now New Zealand. The more the dealer network develops, this places the growth of sales at pace. The dealers are mainly Auto-Sleeper dealers. However, the customer is getting the best attention possible. Also, the best value for money deals. Get in touch with a McLouis Fusion dealer or contact motorhomes campervans.

Who are Auto-Sleeper?2019-09-01T10:58:19+01:00

Who Are Auto-Sleeper?

Who are Auto-Sleeper motorhomes they are one of the leading motorhome manufacturers based in Willersey a small village near Broadway in the Cotswolds in the UK? Auto-Sleeper Ltd has been making motorhomes for over 58 years they offer a great range of van conversions mainly based on Fiat and Peugeot chassis. With a Mercedes Benz luxury range, the coach-builts and van conversions have won many industry awards. Auto-Sleeper motorhomes have been part of the Trigano group for some time they owned the Marquis Leisure retail arm the largest in the UK currently with 12 outlets. This was acquired by the Trigano group other interesting development of Auto-Sleeper is the association with McLouis the Italian motorhome manufacturer also owned by the Trigano group together they have brought the McLouis Fusion to the UK a bespoke range of five fixed bed layout models with end garages.

Who Are Auto-Sleeper? Award Winning Models

Having a very long history provides the experience needed to make a first-class product in the Auto-Sleepers case this is more than just one product from excellent layouts and designs comes great success. There is no doubt, that the success of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes has been built around the many award-winning Auto-Sleeper models;

  1. Auto-Sleeper Mercedes
  2. Auto-Sleeper van conversions
  3. McLouis Fusion
  4. Peugeot
  5. Fiat
  6. Broadway
  7. Nuevo
  8. Symbol
  9. Warwick Duo
  10. Kemerton XL

Who Are Auto-Sleeper? Trigano Group

The whole direction of selling motorhomes is all about learning what the customers are looking for. There have been many reasons why Auto-Sleeper have grown, in both status and reputation. None more so, that Auto-Sleeper being part of the Trigano Group. With so many leading European brands and excellent backup facilities. All adding value for money back to the customers. Trigano Group has many brands, names you may be familiar with. Here are some of the popular motorhome ones;

Who are McLouis Fusion?2019-09-01T11:00:34+01:00

Who is McLouis Fusion a simple answer they are motorhomes of outstanding distinction from the giant McLouis Italian factory in Italy specialist models brought into the UK by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes? McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are part of the Trigano group a French company. McLouis Fusion is five models with fixed bed layouts and rear garage space looking at the backing of the McLouis Fusion range they are giants waiting to awake Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are one of the UK’s longest established motorhome manufacturers in the UK. With a vast experience of making motorhomes of excellent McLouis, is a giant in its own right. Manufacturing Italian motorhomes from the Italian factory with giants, the Trigano group backing up as one of the largest motorhome manufacturers in Europe owning many known brands, this is an interesting way of marketing motorhomes in the UK.

Who are McLouis Fusion? Made in Italy

McLouis motorhomes returning the UK, the McLouis Fusion is a range of five coach-built motorhomes with fixed bed layouts, sleeping up to four people and many have 5 seat belts and well-equipped kitchens. McLouis Fusion motorhomes returning to the UK the layouts provide areas that are perfect for cooking and entertaining the family. Combi 6 E blown air heating systems provide real value heating the models benefit from being downgraded to 3,500 kg, therefore, allowing them to be driven, on the standard UK driving licence there are some great key features about the McLouis Fusion range:

  1. fixed bed layouts
  2. rear garages
  3. five models 331, 360, 367, 373 and 379
  4. made in Italy
  5. many continental features
  6. McLouis Fusion dealers
  7. downgrades available
  8. many standard fittings
  9. Auto-Sleeper motorhomes marketing

Contact McLouis Motorhome Group Via Val d’Aosta 4 loc, Fosci IT – 53036, Poggibonsi (SI). Italy

Who are McLouis Fusion?
Who are McLouis Fusion?
Who are McLouis Fusion?

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion The Brand

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion Exclusive

Auto Sleeper McLouis Fusion
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