Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019

Well, it is showtime again and as with any build-up, there is always some exciting news none more so than from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes one of the UK’s extraordinary companies producing motorhomes from the heart of the UK. The exciting news will unfold further from their stand number 825 at the NEC motorhome show exhibition site. Auto-Sleepers are returning to the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2019 at the NEC from 15th to the 20th of October. On display will be models from the 2020 luxury ranges including two brand new product launches. The stand this year incorporates the McLouis Fusion range on the Auto-Sleeper stand the McLouis Fusion is marketed in the UK exclusively from the Auto-Sleepers motorhomes venture with McLouis motorhomes the legendary Italian motorhome manufacturer. Both, Autos-Sleeper and McLouis are owned by the French Trigano Group.

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019 Fairford Plus Launch

Outstanding offers, two new models the Auto-Sleeper 2020 Plus and Auto-Sleeper 2020 Stanton both, on the stand number 825 the UK’s leading motorhome manufacturer is introducing the brand-new 6.36m Auto-Sleeper Fairford Plus van conversion that offers a travel experience for those looking for adventure or long motorhome holidays and that short break away. The Fairford Plus spacious garage with a foldaway transverse bed leaves plenty of space to enjoy the layout. The bed folds down to provide additional seating too there is ample storage that avails the Auto-Sleeper Fairford Plus with an externally mounted carry rack for kayaks and bikes. Communication is always a consideration and with the new roof-mounted motorhome Wifi system The Auto-Sleeper Fairford plus provides just that with well-located USB sockets for easier charging throughout the habitation area. By providing some real excellent key features in an exceptional layout virtually guarantees interest. The Auto-Sleeper Mercedes Benz Stanton returns by popular demand to the luxury motorhome range with a new chassis this is an outstanding development in small luxury motorhomes.

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019 Stanton Returns

The Auto-Sleeper NEC McLouis Motorhome Show 2019 would not be complete without some more exciting news, in this case, the return of the Auto-Sleeper 2020 model Stanton. Today it remains the baby of the luxury Mercedes Benz range the smaller coach built returns for 2020 with a brand-new chassis the interest in this long-standing favourite lies with a feature end kitchen layout that is very well appointed. An ideal luxury option for two to really enjoy the Mercedes Benz luxury and its car-like driving experience making things easy for those short breaks and not to be outdone on longer motorhome holiday adventures.

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019 McLouis Fusion

Having the McLouis 2020 Fusion range on the Auto-Sleeper motorhomes stand provides the ideal viewing on the five fixed bed layouts on hand will be representative of the McLouis Fusion dealers to help customers. This joint venture between Auto-Sleeper/ McLouis using the exclusive arrangement with Auto-Sleeper of marketing provides alternatives for a fixed bed end garage continental style motorhome to be displayed. Offering outstanding value for money in an Italian style that customers will see when it comes down to value for money here it is. See McLouis Fusion on social media;

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Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019

Auto Sleeper McLouis NEC Motorhome Show 2019 Contacts

2019 ends and the 2020 models take their place this year see the production of the very new brochure that packed with exciting information about the new models if you want a better look at the behind the scene videos and other leading videos available on the YouTube channel. For even more information and after the event information contact;

Auto-Sleepers Ltd, Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7QF United Kingdom.

Telephone +44 (0) 1386 853 338