WE WANT TO BUY YOUR AUTO SLEEPER MOTORHOME get an Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK motorhome review free valuation, free collection, instant faster payment. Call 01283 240 237 or visit and sell your motorhome with We Buy Any Motorcaravan. The Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK is a lovely 2 berth coach-built motorhome that is as popular as ever, with the fitted premium pack adding some outstanding extras. See why by watching the video. The Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK is an end kitchen layout that maximizes the habitation and lounge space. With a decent-sized awning providing that sheltered space that is ideal for dining being close to the habitation door and the end kitchen layout. Auto-Sleeper Ltd has been making award-winning coach-built motorhomes for some time. The Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK has like its sister motorhome The Auto-Sleeper Nuevo ES with the over-cab provides options especially for any first-time buyers. Being under 6m this makes it like a car-like experience when driving for the first time. The Peugeot chassis and cab have been the first choice for Auto-Sleeper over the years and this one feathered demonstrates why.

Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK Motorhome Review