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There is no doubt, that Auto-Sleeper owners are looking for information. This is all about helping owners. So, be it current owners of these splendiferous motorhomes or customers, thinking of buying one. In fact, the idea is to help anyone, find the right information about the Auto-Sleeper models, layouts and designs. Consequently, there are many very happy Auto-Sleeper owners out there, enjoying using their Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. In addition, all owner information, is helping the feedback, by telling about the good points and pointing out where improvements would be helpful.

All Auto-Sleeper owners, are certainly highly thought of by the Auto-Sleepers dealer network. In fact, most dealers offer an excellent sales and after sales services. All aiming to help keep Auto-Sleeper motorhomes in tip top condition. So, being a long standing motorhome manufacturer, Auto-Sleeper have been in business for over 56 years. In fact, a lot of motorhomes, van conversions and campervans, have gone out the doors in that time. So, find information on new and used ones, has moved a lot to online research.

Auto-Sleeper Owners Clubs

The Auto-Sleeper owners club. Better know as the ASOC, the Auto-Sleeper owners club is a very active motorhome club. It supports Auto-Sleeper owners and is open to current owners of Auto Sleeper motorhomes. Auto-Sleeper owners, are happy to promote what the club. Especially, what it is all about. In fact, the club has a full rally programme in place, for members to attend. The rallies are held at venues throughout the UK, some are on the continent. Also, there is a national rally, with an annual dinner dance held annually. A very good club newsletter, goes out to all members monthly. Also, full of good articles from members covering their travel experiences. In addition, there are hints and tips with opinions of current interest and a for sale and people looking to buy section.

With 4 ranges to choose from and manufacturers, who have been working with Auto-Sleepers like;

  1. Peugeot
  2. Fiat
  3. Mercedes Benz
  4. Luxury Range
  5. Coachbuilt
  6. Coachbuilt AL KO Chassis
  7. Van Conversions.

Auto-Sleeper Owners Forums

Take a look at the Auto-Sleeper owners forum. There is always a welcome, on the Auto-Sleeper owners forum (ASOF). Here Auto-Sleeper owners, are able to find a lot of information. Finding some great tips from the friendly online community. There are forums for Auto Sleeper motorhome owners, on many different topics. In fact, you find help and advice on most Auto Sleeper motorhome models. Also, owners learn tips, or just chat with other Auto-Sleepers owners. There really is a wide choice of information, about Auto-Sleeper motorhomes that are wanted. Also, there is servicing and maintenance information, about Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, van conversions and campervans. So, pop by and take a look it really is a great hive of information.

Auto-Sleeper Owners Facebook

Facebook is where you will find the Auto-Sleeper owners group. Many of the Auto-Sleeper owners group, are on Facebook. In fact, there are some very good articles from Auto-Sleepers owners. The group is for owners of Auto-Sleepers and people that have an interest. They really do attract some very good debates. They request that the group kept friendly. They all have respect towards other members. Whilst it is a closed group, there is plenty of great information, with great member photos of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes and a great place to circulate information. Be it an Auto-Sleeper for sale or one that is wanted the members are there to help anyone. So, being on Facebook certainly promotes the message to many Auto-Sleeper owners,

Auto-Sleeper Owners McLouis Fusion

Now, we have a new owner under the Auto-Sleeper umbrella. Yes, the McLouis Fusion owners. This is a model range focused on providing an alternative. fixed bed model range. Built in Italy by McLouis motorhomes and sold exclusively, into the UK motorhome market. They are exclusive to Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. With specialist McLouis Fusion dealers, providing sales and after sales. Both, McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are Trigano Group owned. The McLouis Fusion models, are very continental and with a rear garage. With options to downsize to 3,500kg and driving on a standard UK driving license. The McLouis Fusion owners are beginning a journey and they have a McLouis Fusion Facebook owners corner, to display their motorhome pictures. This is an informative McLouis UK Facebook page, one that McLouis Fusion owners, are able to find a lot of information. There is also a McLouis Fusion website. Contact motorhomes campervans if you want to be online. They have a free motorhomes campervans group. With quite a few McLouis and Auto-Sleeper owners now members.

Auto-Sleeper Owners McLouis Fusion

Auto-Sleeper Owners

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Auto-Sleeper Owners