Auto Sleepers New Website

The Auto-Sleepers new website has been of interest to existing and potential new customers this has been a long term project. Enabling, the website, to link into other forms of motorhome marketing with links to a range of Vimeo videos. The Vimeo videos incorporate the McLouis Fusion range and all of the Auto-Sleeper motorhome models.  This is a refreshing change to see a very user-friendly website where a lot of effort placed on the provision of the technical information and the visual displays the images are just what a customer needs to see.

Websites come and go however the Auto Sleeper motorhome new website has set good standards with links into the social media platforms are exceptional. For example the Auto-Sleeper motorhomes ongoing development with the McLouis motorhomes marketing. Auto-Sleepers exclusive marketing in the UK playing a role in providing a range of five fixed bed motorhomes. McLouis Fusion has been developing it’s brand fast using Facebook to help customers to find the McLouis Fusion dealers. Displaying McLouis Fusions at motorhome shows and events this is an Auto-Sleeper arrangement with McLouis to sell the McLouis Fusion range into the UK. Auto-Sleeper and McLouis arebothe the French Trigano group companies.

Auto Sleepers New Website Models

The Auto Sleepers new website has all the Auto-Sleeper models on display referring to all the dimensions and specifications. There are all of 2019, Auto-Sleeper models on display making accessing the details via the navigation of the website pretty easy. The message from the Auto-Sleeper new website, is simple, “this is freedom go explore”. The way the website interacts with the information is very good smple to scroll down and read the information the menus on the website include.

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  9. Mercedes coach built

Auto Sleepers New Website Vimeo McLouis Fusion Integration

The Auto Sleepers new website has links into the Vimeo videos. Here you will find even more information, on the Auto-Sleeper motorhomes range. The McLouis Fusions feature here, they are five models all fixed bed layouts. Developing further on Facebook, with a McLouis Fusion UK group and a McLouis Fusion owners group. Bringing, the Italian McLouis motorhomes, under the exclusive, Auto Sleeper branding. This has proven to be very successful. They have rear garages and are based in the continental Italian style. This is a range of motorhomes, that plugs the gap in the Auto-Sleeper range. All the Vimeo videos are off good informative quality. This will help potential new customers, find more about both, the Auto-Sleeper and McLouis Fusion models.