Auto Sleepers New Website Facebook Youtube and Twitter

Another good feature is the links to the Auto-Sleeper Twitter page again information flows through this channel on the other main social media channel is the Auto-Sleeper You-tube channel is full of “how to do” videos for the McLouis Fusion and Auto-Sleeper models this is excellent for existing owners most useful for potential new customers. The award-winning Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are featured throughout the You-tube channel as Auto-Sleeper continue to produce motorhomes of excellence long may that continue. A news and reviews section, as well as the models, are in the video section of the website. Competitions have a sector as do events adding to a very informative website.

Auto-Sleepers New Website McLouis Fusion

The presentation of the McLouis Fusion motorhomes is featured on the Auto-Sleeper new website this is via a link to the Vimeo videos of the five McLouis Fusion models. Bringing insight into the McLouis Fusions models both McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are part of the French Trigano Group this has seen the appointment by Auto-Sleeper of specialist McLouis Fusion dealers in the UK and Scotland. Placing a social media strategy for motorhome marketing, therefore, supporting the roll-out of the McLouis Fusion brand from all social media platforms and the website.

Auto Sleeper New Website

Auto-Sleepers New Website Auto-Sleeper

Developing over many years has seen the UK’s Auto-Sleepers make excellent motorhomes. Long relationships with Peugeot Fiat and Mercedes Benz has led to making award-winning motorhomes. The coach built and van conversions continue to win prestigious industry awards. That includes an AL-KO chassis range based on the Auto-Sleeper Corinium models. Building up the Auto-Sleeper Mercedes to very a high standard of luxury motorhomes. All are displayed on the Auto-Sleeper new website with the Autosleeper factory in business for over 57 years and still going strong.

Auto Sleeper New Website