Auto-Trail Motorhome Group 

Auto-Trail Motorhomes Group Trigano Group Company UK. Auto trail is a long established motorhome manufacturer based in Grimsby in Lincolnshire. Auto-Trail motorhome group have been part of the Trigano Group for some time. They import the popular V Line van conversions. They are based on the Fiat Ducati cabs, which are one of the top choices of vans conversions. Auto-Trail has an extensive range of leading coach built motorhomes. In fact, many have been award-winning motorhomes. With so many leading names that go back to 1982! Auto-Trail continues to grow, with an increasing number of customers enjoying the success.

The Auto-Trail motorhome group is based in Grimsby in the UK. Auto-Trail dealers promote new Auto-Trail motorhomes, throughout the UK. In addition, Auto-Trail owners discuss many Auto-Trail topics online. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information. Auto-Trail supports all aspects of selling and servicing their motorhomes. Online you will find many searches related to Auto-Trail. From used Autotrail motorhomes for sale to Autotrail Motorhomes accessories. Fully supporting any Autotrail motorhomes problems with the very popular Auto trail owners club classifieds helping as well. There are some great Autotrail 2018 models and Autotrail 2017 models advertised. So, any Autotrail issues are fully supported at the Auto-Trail Grimsby factory.

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Reviews

Today we find that Auto-Trail motorhome group range continues to expand. With other models link the Tribute, V-Line, now being a separate entity. The Auto-Trail Imala, Tracker, Apache and the Frontier range, growing and in demand.

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Factory Tour 

State of the art motorhome manufacturing is all about skills and designs. The skills are in making super-efficient motorhomes. The designs are all about what a workforce then has to offer. Experience really does count and at the Auto-Trail motorhome group factory, they have just that. Being owned by the Trigano Group has helped Auto-Trail to continue being a market leader in all manufacturing skills.

Contact Auto-Trail Motorhome Group

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Trigano Group

Auto-Trail VR Ltd

Trigano House
Genesis Way
North East Lincolnshire. DN37 9TU.

Telephone +44 (0)1472 571000

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Part Of Trigano Group

Trigano Group Brands

Trigano Group has many brands as well as Auto-Trail. The Auto-Trail brand has been the oldest in operation owned by the TrIgano Group in the UK. Auto-Trail Grimsby has been the location on the East Coast.  An ideal distribution centre and storage location. The state of the art factory follows that Trigano tradition of making excellent motorhome and leisure products.

So, here are some of the popular Trigano motorhome brands;

  1. Adria Motorhome Group
  2. ARCA Motorhome Group
  3. Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group
  4. Auto-Trail Motorhome Group
  5. Autostar Motorhome Group
  6. Benimar Motorhome Group
  7. Challenger Motorhome Group
  8. Chausson Motorhome Group
  9. Ci Motorhome Group
  10. Elnagh Motorhome Group
  11. Eura Mobil Motorhome Group
  12. Font Vendôme Motorhome Group
  13. Karmann-Mobil Motorhome Group
  14. Kentucky Motorhome Group
  15. McLouis Motorhome Group
  16. Marquis Leisure
  17. Mobilvetta Motorhome Group
  18. Notin Motorhome Group
  19. Randger Motorhome Group
  20. Rimor Motorhome Group
  21. Roller Team Motorhome Group
  22. Sun Living Motorhome Group
  23. Tribute Motorhome Group
  24. Xgo Motorhome Group

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Traditionally British 

Long established Auto-Trail have been in Grimsby for many years. In fact, 35 years of good motorhome manufacturing experience. Both in the designing and building of motorhomes. There is a tradition in the UK and Auto-Trail are proud of the British heritage. The skill base has gained a really good reputation for craftsmanship. This is linked to the design and innovation of some truly great motorhomes.

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Trigano Group Company

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Imala

The Auto-Trail motorhome group now introduces two new high bed (HB) models, the Delaware HB starting and the Comanche HB. The elevated sleeping compartment. With models that feature a substantial rear garage, that will fit a standard sized motorbike! All Frontier models will feature a new radiant, integrated ALDE hydronic heating system. Now the popular media pack will now be fitted as standard for 2019.

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group Tracker

There is no doubt that the Auto-Trail Tracker has a lot to offer, With belted travelling seats for up to 4 people that is a great start! It gets better, with sleeping space for 6 in the Hi-Line model. Outstanding motorhomes that have been winning all sorts of awards. The new Auto-Trail Tracker LB offers plenty of space, which is always an attractive proposition! Share adventures with family or friends in style!

Auto-Trail Motorhome Group V Line

The Auto-Trail V-Line panel van really does make those everyday trips easy. Most of all comfortable as well! But, when you’re ready for a break or some time away these well-appointed leisure van conversions do come into their own. Built with excellent specifications throughout, these van conversions also provide sleeping spaces that work. Good living area, sport packs available on the three models, taking the specification even higher.