Autosleeper Bourton

Part of the Autosleeper Mercedes Benz range, the Autosleeper Bourton, does not disappoint. This motorhome is aimed at the luxury motorhomes marketplace. In fact, this Autosleeper model wins hands down on many fronts. Spacious, with extravagant fixtures and fittings.

With premium pack options, making this a highly specified luxury Autosleeper Mercedes. Highly desirable as a used Autosleeper motorhomes for sale. All made by Autosleeper Ltd, at the Autosleeper factory in the Cotswold’s. Now part of Trigano Group.

  1. excellent Mercedes chassis
  2. driver position excellent
  3. premium pack options
  4. winter pack standard free with premium pack
  5. media pack available

Autosleeper Bourton Dimensions

  • Length 6485 mm 21′ 3″.
  • Width (mirrors folded) 2260 mm 7′ 5″.
  • Width (mirrors extended) 2660 mm/ 8′ 9″.
  • Height 2860 mm 9′ 5″.
  • Internal Height(max) 1960mm / 6’ 5″.

Autosleeper Bourton Weight Guidlines

  • MTPLM 3500 kg.
  • MIRO 2983 kg.
  • Maximum User Payload 517 kg.
  • Essential Habitation Equipment 17 kg.

Autosleeper Bourton Engine & Security 

  • Mercedes Benz Turbo diesel 163 bhp engine.
  • Optional upgrade to V6 190 bhp engine.
  • Trackstar Leisure Vehicle Tracker.

Autosleeper Bourton Lounge Seating Options

autosleeper bourton

Autosleeper Bourton Additions

  • Premium pack.
  • Automatic 7 speed gearbox.
  • Air conditioning in Cab and Habitation options.
  • Winter pack with premium pack.
  • Media pack.

Autosleeper Bourton Tank Sizes

  • Freshwater 62 litres.
  • Wastewater 53 litres.
  • Large bore waste pipework.
  • Whale or Truma auto-fill.

Autosleeper Bourton Bed Sizes

  • Front Double 2100 x 1920 mm 6’11” x 6’04”.
  • Nearside Single 1920 x 730 mm 6’04” x 2’05”.
  • Offside Single 1920 x 730 mm 6’04” x 2’05”.

Autosleeper Bourton Seat Belted Options

autosleeper bourton

Autosleepers Mercedes

The Mercedes Benz Autosleeper Bourton is made by Auto-Sleeper in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds. Right in the heart English countryside in the UK. (luxury range).

The Mercedes Benz range has evolved into one of the leading UK luxury brands. Many describe the Autosleeper Bourton as the ultimate 2 berth in luxury end on the market. Being, discussed on Autosleeper forums and Autosleeper owner groups is high praise in itself.

In fact, the Autosleeper Bourton is 1 of 6 Mercedes Benz motorhomes in the range. Mercedes-Benz (luxury motorhomes) are the top motorhome built by Autosleeper. Out and out luxury from the Autosleeper Factory.

Autosleeper Models

  1. Autosleeper Bourton
  2. Autosleeper Burford
  3. Autosleeper Burford Duo
  4. Autosleeper Malvern
  5. Autosleeper Winchcombe
  6. Autosleeper Stanton

Autosleeper Award Winning Motorhomes

Autosleeper Mercedes Benz luxury motorhomes award winners in every class over the years. Autosleeper are renowned for winning awards for their coachbuilt and van conversions. The real awards come from the actual owners themselves. Especially, when it comes down to the luxury Mercedes Benz coachbuilt motorhomes.

Dave Williams Auto-Sleeper Sales Director

Autosleeper Bourton

Autosleeper Bourton

As with all luxury motorhomes they have to have a wow factor. Certainly when you enter an Autosleeper Bourton the wow factor kicks in the moment you climb aboard. It really could do with a captain in full regalia to welcome you. However, the feel and comfort that greets you is  outstanding. Mercedes Benz could not be in better company that with an Auto-Sleeper.

  • Autosleeper Bourton has a very large front lounge.
  • lounge easily converts to a double or two single beds.
  • the space quickly converts into a bedroom at night.
  • spacious easily converts back into a place to relax in.
  • eend kitchen and an end bathroom.
  • excellent layout.

In fact, the Autosleeper Bourton is truly a motorhome of luxury. Along, with all the quality fittings, you get the power of a Mercedes Benz. With a fully Automatic 7 speed gearbox and cruise control thanks to including the premium pack.

  • well worth taking a look at in more detail.
  • Auto-Sleeper UK leading motorhome manufacturer.
  • manufacturing motorhomes for over 54 years.
  • working with Mercedes Benz.
  • on Chassis designs and layouts.

Mercedes Based Motorhomes

In fact, the Autosleeper Bourton is stylish in appearance as anyone will tell you. It not only commands the looks of a luxury Mercedes Benz. It is in a class of its own inside and out.

  • With excellent airy interiors and really quality fittings.

Anyone in the market for a luxury Mercedes Benz coach built motorhome take note.

  • Just consider making an appointment for a test drive in one right away.

Mercedes Luxury Motorhome

The Autosleeper Mercedes Benz range, offers customers many key features, as standard. Also, with the options on the Autosleeper Mercedes Benz winter pack included in the price. Therefore, that provides even more out and out luxury in specification.

  • Autosleeper Bourton grade 3 thermally insulation.
  • provides for all year use.
  • along with the premium pack.
  • with media pack options.
  • takes the specification sky high!

Autosleeper Models History

An Autosleeper video that charts the history of Autosleepers.

Autosleeper Corporate Video

Autosleeper Corporate video all about the Autosleeper set up.

Autosleeper Bourton Inside View

The Autosleeper Bourton is renowned for its very luxurious habitation areas. Luxury finished and easy to convert and most of all, an excellent layout to maximise the space.

Autosleeper Bourton

Autosleeper Sleeping Layout

Autosleeper Mercedes range have been winning awards for some time. Superb layouts and habitation areas. With all of the excellent Mercedes Benz chassis that provide real luxury.

Autosleeper Bourton

Autosleeper Bourton For Sale

Thus, the Autosleeper Bourton is built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. One of the best motorhome chassis ever made, in many peoples eyes. Truly stable and comfortable, when driving on any roads. Large or small, slow or fast, it has an excellent feel. Greatly sought after are used Autosleeper Bourton motorhomes.

Award Winning Motorhomes

In fact, Auto-Sleeper specialise in manufacturing award winning motorhomes. In addition, they have been producing award winning motorhomes for some time. First class workmanship and luxury designs, providing Autosleeper Mercedes motorhomes.

Also, Autosleeper have a full after sales service on the Autosleeper factory site. So, with a number of the Auto-Sleeper range on display online, all for potential Autosleeper customers to see. In addition, providing full after sales support.

Compare the different motorhomes, try the layouts and compare the different models.

More information on Autosleeper Bourton for sale

Stanton, Malvern, Burford, Burford Duo and Winchcombe

Auto Sleepers Bourton Review

Online, there are a number of Auto Sleepers Bourton review. Many describing the many different features of the Auto-Sleeper Bourton. Also, reviews on how a used Autosleeper Bourton remains a popular choice. There are many different reviews from Autosleeper dealers as well with Autosleeper Bourton motorhome for sale at dealers different locations.

Searches for Autosleeper Bourton

Some helpful search terms to find Autosleeper Bourton motorhomes for sale. There are many short abbreviations, for example of the different model years that people are searching for.

Therefore, a quick search on Autosleeper Bourton 2014 will pick out those 2014 models for sale. As with other similar searches all hopefully will provide information on an Autosleeper Bourton.

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Auto Sleepers Ltd

Situated in the most peaceful of places in the English Cotswolds.

Autosleeper Factory,

Orchard Works,


Near Broadway,


WR12 7QF.

+ 44 (0) 1386 853 338

Used Autosleeper Bourton

Autosleepers Dealers who sell new and used Autosleeper Bourton and may have one in stock for you to buy.

autosleeper bourton

Map to The Autosleeper Factory

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