Looking Back to 2017 Autosleeper Burford Duo

Autosleeper Burford Duo Luxury Mercedes Benz Motorhome, manufactured in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds. Right in the English countryside UK. (luxury range). We go back a long way with Auto-Sleeper Dealers Derby motorhomes who hold the franchise for Autosleepers and the McLouis Fusion motorhomes, all part of the Trigano group. We look back at the range in 2017 videos and have updated the page to reflect the changes in the 2022 models and the latest information.

The Autosleeper Burford Duo is one of six Mercedes Benz motorhomes, part of the full Auto-Sleeper range. It has to be one of the best luxury used motorhomes for the price of used Mercedes Autosleeper Burford Duos that is going strong. Holding, good residual values and much appreciated by motorhome owners and first-time buyers alike. Are you selling a Burford Duo? Do you need a free valuation contact either “we buy any motorcaravan” or “Derby Motorhomes”? They are always looking to buy used Mercedes Auto-Sleepers.

Autosleeper Models

  1. Autosleeper Bourton
  2. Autosleeper Burford
  3. Autosleeper Burford Duo
  4. Autosleeper Malvern
  5. Autosleeper Winchcombe
  6. Autosleeper Stanton

Autosleeper Burford Duo

With a layout that some models could only wish for, the wow factor is there from the moment you step into the motorhome habitation space. That spacious front lounge and kitchen area are outstanding. Also, this has plenty of space and a good-sized fridge freezer. Also, a great layout awaits with two single beds on either side.

  • with plenty of room to relax and dine in
  • lounge seating converts into a double bed as well if needed
  • leave the kitchen area through the main internal door
  • leading into a separate bedroom area

Autosleeper Burford Duo Outstanding Luxury

The luxury of the trim and the fittings in the Autosleeper Burford Duo does stand out. Also, Autosleeper designs and the layout add that touch of class. Also, this has room in the lounge and kitchen area to relax and enjoy preparing that snack or a full meal. In addition, there is plenty of room to entertain and if feeling like a private moment? So, opening the dividing door from the kitchen area entering the bedroom provides the privacy by the dividing doors that make the difference in the Autosleeper Burford Duo!

  • here you will find the two single beds
  • select the one you like and take a snooze
  • feel like a change and quick shower?
  • enter the bathroom area at the rear of the vehicle
  • an ideal space to change in

Mercedes Benz Luxury Motorhomes

You can begin to see what all the fuss is about as you still have the rear washroom that is as good as a changing room area as well. The moment you see the options that the Autosleeper Burford provides. Also, the lounge area makes it into a double bed should you need it.

  • passing from the kitchen area that has all the things you need
  • space to cook in
  • entering the fixed bed and bedroom areas the wow factor kicks in
  • you begin to see the privacy that this provides

Autosleeper Burford Duo Review

The Autosleeper Burford Duo review is online and is very useful. Burford Duo is built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. Also, using the turbo diesel 163 bhp Euro V engine. Being a desirable motorhome is one thing becoming one is all about class. The Burford Duo stands out and has proven over time. With fantastic designs excellent layout, the Burford duo makes the specification count. Spacious lounge areas, traditional Autosleeper Kitchen make a difference. The rear washroom with full width makes it a number one choice.

  • optional upgrade to the V6 Euro 190 bhp V engine
  • Autosleeper Burford Duo has grade 3 thermally insulation
  • media packs available
  • other options with a premium pack

Autosleeper Mercedes

In addition, with the full Mercedes-Benz driving aid package. Also, the cruise control makes the Autosleeper Burford Duo an enjoyable experience to drive. Thus, enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control.

  • ABS braking and optional day running lights
  • fully automatic with an optional 7-speed gearbox

Burford Duo Motorhomes

In fact, stylish in appearance, with excellent airy interiors and really quality fittings. Also, anyone in the market for a luxury Mercedes Benz coach built motorhome. Why not consider making an appointment, for a test drive in one right away. The Autosleeper Mercedes Benz offers you many key features as standard.

Autosleeper Burford Duo For Sale

With the options on the Autosleeper Mercedes Benz winter pack included in the price. Thus, making your motorhome available for all year use. Also, premium and media pack options do provide even more out and out luxury.

Stanton, Malvern, BourtonBurford and Winchcombe.

Used Autosleeper Burford For Sale?

Find a used Autosleeper Burford Duo for sale online. Looking for Autosleeper Burford Duo, check out the dimensions and find the right used Mercedes Benz motorhome. Good used Autosleeper Burford Duo is a very sought after motorhome.

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Looking Forward to the 2022 Autosleeper Burford Duo

What does the Autosleeper Burford Duo have in store for the luxury 2022 coach built motorhome? There are a host of extras that can be added to the specification. From built-in Wifi, CRIS vin chip theft deterrent and identification system and new contemporary stylish exterior graphics.  There is the renowned Mercedes Benz 7-speed automatic gearbox with paddle-change. Integrated sat navigation and Truma habitation. To keep things cool the is air conditioning in the cab so, this flagship motorhome in the luxury range has all the luxury features. The reliable Mercedes chassis, the automatic transmission is a must for most buyers. Habitation air conditioning with a 25-litre refillable gas tank is standard as is the hard-wired reversing camera. All in all, the 2022 Burford Duo had what it takes to be called a luxury motorhome.

Autosleeper History Video

A video about the history of Auto-Sleepers and the development of being part of the Trigano Group.

Autosleeper Corporate Video

A video about the corporate side of making Auto-Sleeper motorhomes in the UK.

Autosleeper Mercedes Benz

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Autosleeper Burford Duo Luxury Mercedes Benz Motorhome

Autosleeper Mercedes Benz 2022

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