Autosleeper Stanton

There are many different searches, all related to finding an Autosleeper Stanton. Some searches focus on finding a particular year, such as an Autosleeper Stanton 2017, Popular Autosleeper Stanton’s fall into a different price range, such as an Autosleeper Stanton 2015 and an Autosleeper Stanton 2013.

Other key searches, are more direct, like used Autosleeper Stanton for sale. Being an established motorhome choice, you will find many different types of Autosleeper Stanton review both online and in magazines.

Autosleeper Stanton Wanted

Autosleeper motorhome dealers are always looking for any Autosleeper Stanton motorhome for sale. The Autosleeper Stanton really does win awards. Just like the popular Autosleeper Bourton and Autosleeper Nuevo

Autosleeper Stanton

The Autosleeper Stanton Mercedes Benz is made by Auto-Sleeper in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswold’s. Right in the English countryside, in the UK. (luxury motorhome range). In fact, the Autosleeper Stanton is 1 of 6 Mercedes Benz motorhomes in the range. In fact, you may think it will be small it is not.

Autosleeper Models

  1. Autosleeper Bourton.
  2. Autosleeper Burford.
  3. Autosleeper Burford Duo.
  4. Autosleeper Malvern.
  5. Autosleeper Winchcombe.
  6. Autosleeper Stanton.

Autosleeper History Video

Auto Sleeper Ltd, Autosleeper Factory, Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7QF.

Autosleeper Stanton Dimensions

  • Length 5980 mm 19′ 07″.
  • Width (mirrors folded) 2260 mm 7′ 5″.
  • Width (mirrors extended) 2660 mm/ 8′ 09″.
  • Height 2850 mm 9′ 4″.
  • Internal Height(max) 1960 mm / 6’ 5″.

Autosleeper Stanton Weight Guidelines

  • MTPLM 3200 kg.
  • MIRO 2849 kg.
  • Maximum User Payload 351 kg.
  • Essential Habitation Equipment 17 kg.

Autosleeper Stanton Engine & Security

  • Mercedes Benz Turbo diesel 163bhp engine.
  • Optional upgrade to V6 190 bhp engine.
  • Trackstar Leisure Vehicle Tracker.

Autosleeper Stanton Additions

  • Premium pack.
  • Automatic 7 speed gearbox.
  • Air conditioning in Cab and Habitation options.
  • Winter pack with premium pack.
  • Media pack.

Autosleeper Stanton Tank Sizes

  • Freshwater 71 litres.
  • Wastewater 53 litres.
  • Large bore waste pipework.
  • Whale or Truma auto-fill.

Autosleeper Stanton Bed Sizes

  • Front Double 2100 x 1400 mm 6’11” x 4’07”.
  • Offside Single  1930 x 700 mm 6’04” x 2’04”.
  • Nearside Single 1930 x 700 mm 6’04” x 2’04”.

Autosleeper Stanton

Thus, the Autosleepers Motorhomes Stanton is the most compact Mercedes-Benz model ever built. Also, with designs on the Mercedes rear wheel drive chassis and at 5.94 meters. Therefore, with an end kitchen and bathroom, you end up with a great front lounge area.

Also, an ideal daytime space that converts into a roomy bedtime area. So, with good sized double or two single beds. Also, the Autosleeper Stanton has to be a market leader. In addition, especially in the compact motorhomes marketplace.

Autosleeper Stanton Motorhome

In fact, Auto Sleeper specialise in manufacturing award winning motorhomes. In addition, they have been producing award winning motorhomes for some time. Also, they have a full after sales service on site.

So, with a number of the Auto Sleeper range on display online for customers to see. In fact, customers come along and compare the different motorhomes. Try the layouts and compare the different models by visiting an Auto Sleeper dealer.

Autosleeper Stanton Review

Thus, the Autosleeper Stanton is on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. There is an Autosleeper Stanton review, online with full information. Also, using the turbo diesel 163 bhp Euro V engine. In addition, with the optional upgrade to the V6 Euro 190 bhp V engine. Also, the Autosleeper Stanton has grade 3 thermally insulation. Winter pack comes free with the premium pack option.

Autosleeper Mercedes

Also, with the full Mercedes-Benz driving aid package. Thus, enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control. Also, the cruise control makes the Autosleeper Stanton an enjoyable experience to drive. With the other pack options to improve the specification a normal premium, winter and media packs available.

  • ABS braking.
  • ESP skid control.
  • optional day running lights.
  • gearbox is fully automatic with 7-speed.
  • cruise control cab air conditioning on premium packs
  • media packs available.
  • 2018 habitation air condition option as well.

Used Autosleeper Stanton For Sale

The Autosleeper Stanton has been and remains a good sound used motorhome to start motorhome life. There is the reliability factor of the Mercedes Benz chassis. With an excellent layout to compliment the designs.

Known as the baby of the Autosleeper Mercedes luxury motorhome range, they are sought after. Stanton motorhomes for sale, are always the ones that receive many views, when advertised online.

Autosleeper Stanton

Used Autosleeper Stanton Motorhome

Used Autosleeper Stanton is an ideal motorhome second hand. If you can find one that is they are usually sold quite quickly. Buying into both the reliable tried and tested Mercedes Benz. With Autosleeper creating an excellent layout and super finish they are hard to wear out!