The Autosleeper Warwick Duo is made in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds, in the UK. Building quality van conversions and in business for over 54 years. In fact, the Autosleeper Warwick Duo is every popular with the end lounge being a favourite choice.

Autosleeper Warwick Duo is 1 of 7 van conversions.

  1. Autosleeper Symbol.
  2. Autosleeper Stanway.
  3. Autosleeper Fairford.
  4. Autosleeper Kingham.
  5. Autosleeper Kemerton XL.
  6. Autosleeper Warwick XL.
  7. Autosleeper Warwick Duo.

Autosleeper Warwick Duo Reviews

Autosleeper Warwick Duo

Making the Duo a popular and a really good van conversion.

  • Peugeot Boxer van providing the ideal base for this van conversion.
  • Nice appearance with a choice of metallic finishes.
  • Belgian fabrics providing a luxury trim.
  • Warwick Duo classic top selling two -berth.
  • End lounge van conversion remaining a top choice.
  • Very innovative and stylish designs
  • Favorite in the Autosleeper Peugeot van conversion range.

Autosleeper Warwick Duo continues its success today.

Autosleeper Models

An end lounge layout and conversion remains as popular as ever!

  • With twin rear benches that convert to beds with ease.
  • Lighter trim and upgraded fabrics to choose from.
  • Elegant and not out of place on a campsite or hotel car park.
  • Warwick Duo providing the options.
  • Design is for a little more room.
  • Over lockers and storage under the benches provide that room.

So, the Autosleeper Warwick Duo stands the test of time. A long established award winning van conversion.

Excellent Designs

In effect, customers still want the shorter wheelbase conversion.

  • End lounge continues and remains popular.

Also, the encouraging thing is that on the second-hand market they are hard to find.

  • In fact, they hold their values very well.

Peugeot Boxer Chassis

Also, along with the bespoke sofa seating.

  • Swivelling cab seats, this provides the ideal seating arrangements.
  • Unique and exceptional van conversion for two berth accommodation.

In addition, the van conversion has an ideal appeal; To anyone wanting to downsize and still have some space and great fittings.

The Autosleeper Warwick Duo is on the Peugeot boxer chassis.

  • Euro 6 engine with the AdBlue technology.

In addition, with the optional upgrade to the chassis.

High Specification

Also, the Autosleeper Warwick Duo has grade 3 thermally insulation.

  • Peugeot driving aid package and premium packs available.
  • Enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control.
  • ABS braking.
  • Optional day running lights.
  • Fiat package with cab and comfort matic automatic gearbox.

In addition, the cruise control when selected in the premium pack, makes the Autosleeper Warwick Duo an enjoyable experience to drive.

Autosleeper Warwick

Used Autosleeper Warwick duo are online and Autosleeper Warwick Duo forums.

Auto Sleepers Ltd, Autosleeper Factory, Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7QF.