Well, is the battle of the brands is well and truly on? They have even lined up the team sheets to do battle;

  1. Hymer.
  2. Trigano.
  3. Carthago
  4. UK Brands

We believe the motorhome market share cup is up for grabs!

Battle of the Brands

battle of the brandsThe market in new sales maybe getting messy.

  • However, there remains a shortage of used motorhomes.
  • Especially, 1, to 5, years old.

Most main motorhome dealers have been advertising for stock.

Also, we know that prices remained firm.

  • Residuals values at the moment good.
  • However, there is a threat waiting in the wings;
  • “Cheaper foreign motorhomes.
  • Value for money van conversions”.

We estimated new sales circa 12,000 new motorhomes.

The NCC (National Caravan Council)

  • Reported that 13,162 new motorhomes were registered between July 2016 and June 2017.
  • Previous year sales had been 11,559 motorhomes sold.
  • Motorhomes sales exceeded for the first time 13,000 vehicles in a 12 months period.
  • Made up of which in round numbers 6,000 were foreign motorhomes!
  • Also, estimated were van conversions at about 2,000 units.
  • Used sales are hard to pinpoint in actual numbers.

Hymer, Trigano, Carthago v UK Brands

  • Just over one year for Hymer and Trigano entry to the UK market place.
  • To what effect if any has that caused so far?
  • We believe that both giants, are going to bring in a more motorhomes, into the UK.
  • Hotly pursued by Carthago subsidiary brand Malibu.
  • All battling with the UK brands.
  • In the form of integrated and semi integrated motorhomes.
  • Offering very affordably priced van conversions.

Commencing Soon.

  • So, the battle of the brands may be on its way right now!
  • If so, that then begins margin pressure
  • With market share under a lot of strain.
  • Any large dealer exposed to selling potentially mostly foreign vans.
  • Then when the margin pressure begins to kick in, those margins will tumble.
  • This may well be in the first stages right now and is growing unseen.

The £35,000 to £45,000 purchase has not seen anything yet.

  • This is going to become even more under pressure.
  • With dealers looking for a share of the buyers.
  • This does not affect the likes of UK manufacturers right now.
  • As we believe they only are producing limited numbers of units.

Good News For Buyers

  • Hopefully, lower cost entry points.
  • In buying a coachbuilt motorhome.
  • More lower priced van conversions.

Battle of the Brands 2017

The popularity of van conversions continues to attract customers.

Not to mention manufacturers such as;

Malibu Motorhomes

Independent subsidiary of the motorhome producer, Carthago.

  • Now with brands such as;
  • Malibu motorhomes;
  • Malibu is introducing a breath of fresh air.
  • Malibu vans and the sleek motorhomes.

Bringing in more van conversions along side the super A class.

The Battle Has Kicked Off.