Battle of the Brands

Well, is the battle of the brands is well and truly on? They have even lined up the team sheets to do battle; Erwin Hymer group, Trigano group, Frankia, Carthago and many UK Brands. All we believe will think that the motorhome market share cup is up for grabs! Yes, the battle of the brands is up and running. The market in new sales maybe getting messy. However, there remains a shortage of used motorhomes. Especially, 1, to 5, years old. Most main motorhome dealers have been advertising for stock. Also, we know that prices remained firm. Residuals values at the moment good. However, there is a threat waiting in the wings? Cheaper foreign motorhomes. Value for money van conversions? We estimate new sales will be circa 12,000 new motorhomes.

The NCC (National Caravan Council), reported that 13,162 new motorhomes, were registered between July 2016 and June 2017. Previous year sales had been 11,559 motorhomes sold. Motorhomes sales exceeded for the first time 13,000 vehicles in a 12 months period. Made up of which in round numbers 6,000 were foreign motorhomes! Also, estimated were van conversions at about 2,000 units. Used sales are hard to pinpoint in actual numbers.

Battle of the Brands Countdown Now

Hymer, Trigano, Carthago v UK brands. Yes, it is over two year past for Hymer and Trigano entry to the UK market place. To what effect if any has that caused so far? We believe that both, Hymer and Trigano are giants, and are going to bring in a more motorhomes, into the UK. Hotly pursued by Carthago subsidiary brand Malibu. All battling with the UK brands. In the form of integrated and semi integrated motorhomes. Offering very affordably priced van conversions.

Battle of the Brands Game On

Commencing soon, the battle of the brands may be on its way right now! If so, that then begins margin pressure. With market share under a lot of strain. Any large dealer exposed to selling potentially mostly foreign vans. Then when the margin pressure begins to kick in, those margins will tumble. This may well be in the first stages right now and is growing unseen. The £35,000 to £45,000 purchase has not seen anything yet. This is going to become even more under pressure. With dealers looking for a share of the buyers. This does not affect the likes of UK manufacturers right now. As we believe they only are producing limited numbers of units.

Battle of the Brands Great For Buyers

Good news for buyers? Hopefully, lower cost entry points, in buying a coachbuilt motorhome. More lower priced van conversions. The battle of the brands began in 2017. The popularity of van conversions continues to attract customers. Not to mention manufacturers such as; Malibu motorhomes. The independent subsidiary of the motorhome producer, Carthago. Now with brands such as; Malibu motorhomes; Malibu is introducing a breath of fresh air. Malibu vans and the sleek motorhomes. Bringing in more van conversions along side the super A class. Malibu Integrated. Malibu Semi Integrated. Malibu Van. The battle of the brands has well and truly kicked off.