CMS trade auctions from trade vendor to trade buyers

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid and buy. Yes, it would be nice to have a AA or RAC style report and inspection. Currently, carrying out habitation safety checks is not realistic to handle all of the logistics involved in carrying out detailed health and safety inspections. Along comes the CMS trade auction team as part of the “we buy any motorcaravan” set-up. They are one of the UK’s largest buyers and sellers of leisure vehicles in the UK. As lots are applied the leisure vehicles will scroll across the top of this page.

Next CMS trade auctions are held 2 times monthly

We help promote our advertiser’s services and also try to help anyone looking to buy or sell a motorhome or campervan. As you can imagine we get a lot of FAQs here at motorhomes campervans. We get asked many frequently asked questions, we will always try and help and provide answers, here below are a few that we get a lot of ;

  • Q; why are the auctions for the trade/dealers only?
  • A; we help dealers to find stock, without them who would service your leisure vehicles?
  • A; dealers have the logistics to buy from an auction
  • A; dealers offer motorhome finance and motorhome insurance as well as take in part exchanges
  • Q; is the current sell-in auction going to continue?
  • A; yes, it would appear that this is the fairest thing that can be done for the time being
  • Q; can I enter my motorhome in the auction?
  • A; the BCA (British car auctions) online terms apply so best ask them if you can sell in auction
  • Can we buy a warranty after we have brought a leisure vehicle?
  • Yes, as long as the terms of the warranty are met

Services for motorhome and campervan trade buyers and sellers

OK, whilst CMS trade auctions currently cannot do a detailed appraisal, they are now taking videos providing full details as and when possible. That now includes a video of the outside and inside habitation areas. The videos show any fitted extras with a description of what the leisure vehicle has fitted. They comment on what they see as they say “worts and all” in a full and factful way. This is a trade-only service to buy and sell from the auction. However, anyone can contact the other service providers for free advice and get a price to sell a motorhome or campervan with a direct call to “we buy any motorcaravan” on 01283 240237 or 01283 688112.

Sell your motorhome now

Sold over the reserve, the VW Camper was one of 26 lots sold by CMS trade auctions in the last CMS BCA online trade auction. So, many good things to consider if you are a trade vendor or seller contact “we buy any motorcaravan” or drop us an email that may help you further.

The current shortage of used motorhomes and campervans in the market has made having access to buy genuine used leisure vehicles important. With new motorhomes being delayed and many with over 18 months waiting time for delivery makes it harder to take in part exchanges. The shortage has made the leisure vehicle prices rise with new motorhomes up to 15% higher on specialist makes. Used motorhomes are reaching record highs what was £30,000 are now £40,000.

Used motorhomes and campervans have made a real come back again with rising prices. Virtually all the leisure vehicles have been purchased directly from owners by we buy any motorcaravan. We buy any motorcaravan team that offers free valuations and collections. They have a 5 star Trust Pilot ratings and go to all lengths to make selling any leisure vehicle easy and stress-free.

Sold by CMS trade auctions

With such a wide range of motorhomes and campervans being offered and sold by CMS trade auctions, it’s nice to see new models. There are many reasons people sell their leisure vehicles it is good to help customers get a top price. VW campervans really do still hold great residual values it is good to see the comeback they are making again. The demand is now outstripping supply residuals getting higher by the day.

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid buy

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid buy

We buy any motorcaravan leading leisure buyers

Taking a video is to help a buyer understand what they are buying. Videos show the visual presence of fair wear and tear and age of the motorhome or campervan, the vehicle’s general condition and any other faults found, including paintwork requirements to service dates. Currently, they do not test heating, gas, electric, water systems or accessories.

Video an option to an appraisal

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid buy. The appraisal shows what they know are extras and add ons where possible details of service histories are researched and reported on where ever possible. All the leisure vehicles are driven to the auction unless stated. MOT details and mileage checks are displayed when known buyers need to do their due diligence.

Changing the ways for trade buyers

All of the listed checks are the opinion of the CMS assessor vehicles are entered into the auction via lot number for the next sale. BCA (British car auctions) motorhome, campervan and caravan sale, usually two sales a month. Before the auction, the CMS trade team creates a list and details of how to access the videos. They then send the list out with a short newsletter.

Finding the smart way to bid and buy

Genuine trade buyers can join as a member of the CMS trade auction online. That provides access to a Gold BCA account to access lower buying fees. Other add on services for motorhome dealers are all available, for example, motorhome warranty and breakdown covers with habitation guarantees from the Engineer aftercare team. Introductions to other services like motorhome insurance quotes and a free advice helpline via email are available.

BCA trade auction view for information

Importantly the CMS team reminds members that it is a trade auction only. Any bidding is under the BCA (British Car Auctions)terms and conditions. Any help on joining or asking for more details is on the BCA auction view website, CMS trade auction offer to help join, buy, and sell motorhomes and campervans for the trade and owners.

Trade only auctions 

Please note that only trade buyers are allowed to buy from these auctions. Proof of traders’ policy is required so, please do not register if you are not a leisure vehicle sales or rental company. The auctions are for the trade from the trade. Other links to motorhome insurance and campervan insurance are coming soon.

CMS the online auction for the trade

The smart way to buy leisure vehicles from CMS trade auctions is the online auction for the trade. CMS trade auctions operate on a “trade only” basis. That goes back to Covide restrictions, CMS online trade auction sells everything as seen. So, it is “buyer beware caveat emptor”. Different makes and models are arriving all the time. See the trade auction dates below starting at 10.30 am prompt.

  • 13th June 2022
  • 27th June 2022
  • 11th  July 2022
  • 25th July 2022
  • 8th   August 2022
  • 29th August 2022
  • 12th September 2022
  • 26th September 2022
CMS trade auction direct online buyers November 2023

Trade and retail warranty advice

Engineer aftercare provides advice on aftercare and warranty issues for both trade and retail clients. If you have a question about a warranty issue then give them a call or drop them an email on the form below.

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid buy

Need help buying or selling 01283 240237

No matter what you need to help in making a decision to buy or sell a leisure vehicle the CMS team are on hand to help anyone. If you feel you need advice on a price or new valuation then please contact us at any time. From motorhome insurance quotes to aftercare issues we are on hand to help.

Selling or buying a motorhome or campervan is no small decision and that is where the  “we buy any motorcaravan” team come in. They have up to date knowledge of prices and will try to provide a friendly and professional service as well as provide a good offer for your leisure vehicle.

We buy any motorcaravans

Leading UK leisure vehicle buyers “we buy any motorcaravan” will always try to buy your motorhome or campervan with top prices paid. Get a price ASAP. At “we buy any motorcaravan” they provide an honest, friendly and efficient service. Selling your motorhome could not be easier.

They want to make sure that it is stress-free and provides a competitive price. They have some real hands-on help available with over 50 years of experience in the industry. The important part is that they are well-equipped to help you with your sale.

They provide the logistics behind any offer made, free valuation, and collection in the UK. If you are looking to upgrade your motorhome or moving on from motorhoming altogether, be it a £10,000 or £100,000 price, the “we buy any motorcaravan” will buy your motorhome or campervan.

BCA CMS trade leisure vehicles auctions online browse bid buy

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