Bellissimo Italian Motorhomes

Now, just what makes the Bellissimo Italian motorhomes, so popular? Is it, the English love affair with everything that is Italian? Just consider that those German, Spanish, French and Slovakian, motorhomes, may well represent dedication and be very practical. But, do they have that Italian style? Do they have those stylish looks and designs, that make a difference? Quite frankly the Italian word Bellissimo sums it all up in one go “beautiful”.

Bellissimo Italian Motorhomes Wow Factor

Now, just what do we start out to discover that wow factor when looking at the Bellissimo Italian motorhomes? Just what makes the difference? The Fiat cab style does place an element of that Italian style and designs. Sitting in the cab itself is a little like being in a Ferrari or a classic Alfa Romeo. It will have all the gizmos possible, for the price. Cab air condition, cruise control and alloy wheels to provide that look! Just like being in a Milan shopping mall, it has that very Italian look! Most Italian motorhomes are all based on a Fiat Ducato chassis cab with the mighty nature of network and Fiat backup it begins to understand why.

Bellissimo Italian Motorhomes Life Style

The real deal on an Italian or European styled motorhome has to be the layouts many like the McLouis Fusion are now available in the UK they have fixed bed layouts always there would be four berths on many models five travelling seats. The family is always part of the equation that may be in the DNA of Italian motorhomes with accommodation, for the family always with that storage space usually, in the form of a rear garage. The galley type kitchen usually has meaning. By that, the barbeque point is never far away on any Italian motorhome cooking outside truly dictates the way life in an Italian motorhome. For example, Mobilvetta designers provide the perfect handcrafted ‘Marine’ style furniture with this on the low profile blends in well with the contemporary Italian design as does the kitchen space.

Bellissimo Italian Motorhomes The Names

So, the more we investigate the different Italian motorhome manufacturers. The more we get that Italian feeling, they all hold a little bit of individual style. It may be a sculpted door handle, a stylish looking light fitting or even just a very stylish work top. That means that virtually all hold that very Bellissimo Italian motorhomes, wow factor. You could start in Milan and end up in any Italian town or city. There in the summer months, will be loads of Italians enjoying their motorhome. They like most Europeans, love to cook in the sunshine and spend time outside the motorhome. A little sunshine and a blue sky, looking at the blue sea and just loving motorhome life. You begin to understand, what makes Italian motorhome stand out. Just look at those Italian motorhome names, some are very iconic, just like the Fiat chassis they are built on;

  1. Arca motorhome group
  2. McLouis Fusion UK
  3. Mobilvetta motorhome group
  4. Elnagh motorhome group
  5. Giottiline motorhome group
  6. Rimor motorhome group
  7. CI motorhome group
  8. Sea group
  9. Fiat camper