Building good motorhome campervan website

Adding visuals can create a more engaging and informative experience Building a good motorhome campervan website for your website visitors and help them find the perfect motorhome, campervan, or RV for their next adventure.

Hero image

  • Use a vibrant, eye-catching image that captures the essence of adventure and freedom that comes with RV travel. It could be a classic motorhome parked in a scenic national park, a couple enjoying a sunset from their campervan rooftop, or a group of friends laughing around a campfire outside their RV.

Classic Motorhome

  • Include an image of a luxurious motorhome interior, showcasing the spaciousness, comfortable furniture, and well-equipped kitchen. This will help potential buyers envision themself living the dream in a home on wheels.

Agile Campervan

  • Show a compact campervan in action, navigating a winding mountain road or parked at a beach with surfboards leaning against it. This will emphasize the manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency of these vehicles, making them ideal for solo travellers and couples.


  • Feature close-up images of pop-up roofs, cosy sleeping quarters, bike racks, and awnings. This will give potential buyers a better sense of the additional features they can add to their van to personalize their adventure.

Planning your route

  • Use a montage of images showcasing different types of destinations that RVs can access, from national parks and forests to coastal towns and cityscapes. This will inspire viewers to start planning their road trip adventures.

Packing smart

  • Include images of clever packing solutions, such as space-saving storage containers, multi-functional gear, and collapsible cookware. This will help viewers understand how to make the most of the limited space in an RV.