Bürstner motorhome group

Burstner motorhome group Erwin Hymer group company. There is a great story to be told, a story of building the mobile home manufacturer for the vehicle of your dreams to come true.  In the world of high-class motorhome manufacturers. Whilst selecting your dream motorhome it may be all a matter of personal taste. However, the Bürstner motorhome group works hard to get the right flavour. Regardless of being a large family or just plain old Darby and Joan. A couple travelling alone. The Burstner motorhome group has the perfect mobile home that will make life easy. With some low-price entry models right through to an exquisite luxury suite on wheels. The Burstner motorhome group has them all to select from.

Every single Burstner mobile home has to meet high standards indeed. The motorhome has to be first of all, a comfortable place to travel and stay in. Both, are enjoyable and comfortable when on a short trip or a long holiday. The Burstner motorhome group strives for providing. well-thought-out designs. Also, designs that make the motorhome practical, functional and complementary. All of the materials are to very high standards. In addition, there is a choice of different fittings and colour options. This allows for a little personalisation, making your motorhome your own.

There are ways to perfect a motorhome holiday for customers to enjoy wherever life takes them. Each Burstner motorhome group motorhome is a comfortable place to be, making life enjoyable and comfortable is the end goal. The interiors are excellent, from the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living areas. Nothing less than perfect will do. The new models combine an excellent use of space. Again testing the water with state-of-the-art technology and automotive designs.

Bürstner Motorhome Group History

The Burstner motorhome group has a 55-year history. Much of which has been shaped by a passion for outstanding designs. Anyone who travels with a Bürstner should feel at home. Manufacturing motorhomes with over 25 years of experience in the industry. This is combined with the Erwin Hymer motorhome group ownership. Certainly places The Burstner motorhome group in the driving seat. A product range of leisure vehicles made just for that leisure. Technology takes The Bürstner motorhome group, forward and customers can plan a Burstner vehicle configurator. This is a great way to plan your purchases that calculates all of your personal wishes and requirements.

Contact Bürstner Motorhome Group

Burstner motorhome group Erwin Hymer group company

Bürstner GmbH & Co. KG Weststraße 33, 77694 Kehl Germany. Telephone.: 07851 85 0

Bürstner Motorhome Group Part Of Erwin Hymer Group

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