Bury Your Head In The Sand

This saying “bury your head in the sand” comes from the habit of ostriches, apparently, hiding when faced with attack by predators! Just bury your head in the sand and therefore, you will not see the danger. We take this well known saying and apply it to background of what some motorhome dealers are doing! Burying their heads in the sand and not knowing that they are doing it.

Consequently, this all leads to the determent of good services and communication to their customers. Something, we want to all avoid, making the customers motorhome buying experience an enjoyable one. Then to become, a memorable experience as well.

Will Motorhome Dealers Become Extinct?

Apply the “bury your head in the stand” to the modern-day lazy director and sales team. They exists and do not want to listen and act in the company’s best interest. Why does that happen? Well most of the time, we believe, that they don’t know, they are doing it! This may lead to larger and less motorhome dealers. The battle of the brands has already got underway. Can any dealer feel safe as change becomes the norm? The customer base is so important, many may well will wake up to late!

One Thing Missing Customers

Interacting with customers, this must be the most important part of any motorhome dealership. So, why do we find that some dealers have poor reputations with customers. Just read on forums, to see for yourself.

Some view handing out on hand over, a bunch of flowers and a bottle of bubbly as a gift, why? A nice gesture maybe, but, when that customer may have the misfortune of a breakdown, in the middle of nowhere, what next?

The flowers by then may be dead and the bottle empty! That may lead to the customer asking did I really get a good deal? Was that fair part exchange price? Was the motorhome finance a good interest rate. Was that motorhome insurance quote, really explained that we must have a certain alarm! Now stuck and with no roadside assistance, our customer has every right to feel a little peeved!

Motorhome Dealers Comments

We don’t do that, it is too difficult, well we think we have heard it all now, from many sources. In this day and age, we are not sure if the issues lie with the industry in general or this is the norm of older generation, motorhome dealers. From used car salesmen to motorhome salesperson, well Leopards do not change their spots do they?

Customers deserve better, they are spending a small fortune on a motorhome, surly they deserve a special service? For example some of the comments, we have had about social media interaction with customers;

  • “we don’t have the skills, better off with email”
  • “no social media is not for us, we would get complaints”
  • “our staff are flat out and we do not want them texting all day”
  • “how do you keep in touch with customers? Well we ring them every year”
  • “we have always done it that way”
  • “no need to change it would be costly”
  • “it won’t bring anymore sales”

Social Media The Force Is With You 

All motorhome dealers need is a disciplined approach. Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them and take the business forward. That disciplined approach is that if you cannot find the time, then engage someone who can! The fact remains that within many companies are genuine people, who are not looking to spread “fake news”!

However, they would like to spread “good news”. Especially, about the roles they play in the company that employs them! They would recognise that promoting the company is in everyone’s interest. New motorhome customers, are an easy contactable source via social media. They like the idea of building good friends who like motorhomes.

What Lies Ahead For Motorhome Dealers

Especially, as times are not easy here, with the Brexit issues. Again, something reminds me of the “bury your head in the sand” mentality here! Brexit will destroy many businesses and that is just my opinion! How fast do you want to spread that story? #Brexit and you will soon see. For switched on dealers we can really help you. Not just to find out what Brexit means to your business? #motorhomes and see how it spins.

Just ask yourself why is this industry growing. The facts are out there they are. So, have a walk round your dealership and take a look. Do the sales people and that lazy director know that they are sitting on an army of talent to promote the business!  The problem lies in the fact they don’t have the charisma, to take things forward.

At times if you know you are right, sometimes, it is better to let people think it is not working. Then when the find out they are not the number one dealer. You can warn them “it is time to take their head out of the sand” before they get a large bite where it may hurt!

Social Media The Silent Salesperson

Well that is the leading question to a customer, is social media for you? We have had some interesting replies from, “no” to “we have it to show the children and grandchildren, where we are”! “We find it better for finding places and other peoples experience, at times is excellent”.

Many also find that a search on Facebook is better than Google. If you are a member on a forum, like the Autosleeper Owners Group on Facebook. It always has some answers, from its 3,000 plus owners! So, we guess its a thumbs up from those customers.

Customer Service

Well this is really the most important part of not burying your head in the sand! Take a look at the Mal on Mondays video, it will tell you what you should be doing. It really does make sense, to not become that negative motorhome dealer.

Far from it, motorhome customers are spending a lot of money. Customers need to know that your motorhome dealership is the best thing since sliced bread! Also, that they are able to rely on you when anything goes wrong!

Marathon Coach

Now just when you think you have reached a level of customer services and are pretty good at handovers. Then look again …… every Monday rain or shine. Marathon Coach luxury motorhomes, take you with Mal on Mondays and show you what is going on.

This has become the norm and is taking customer service to higher level. That is what my point in writing this article. Firstly Marathon have all the channels on social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

They interact with their customers as and when a customer wants anything. Yes, they may be one of the most expensive motorhome coaches in the world, but, you will see they really do look after customers. Keeping a customer informed is as good as selling one!

Social Media The Driving Force

There is no doubt that using good media is a real winner. Also, that shows how if used well, it will promote your motorhome business to even greater heights! The only thing finally to add is lets not just “bury our heads in the sand” any longer, customers deserve better!

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Our Brand Going Places

We continue to promote motorhome dealers and motorhome manufacturers. For example stories about Trigano Group the owners of Autosleeper motorhomes in the UK. Leading motorhome dealers like Marquis Leisure. Always we like to provide a pathway, to bargains for our many customers and thank all dealers and manufacturers for their support!

Bury your head in the sand

Customer Satisfaction A Must

It is a fact, that talking to other like minded marketing people, about social media, this may well be a familiar story. Here is one story so far, about a motorhome dealer. Yes, they have been a potential customer on and off for some time.

However, because, they are so busy, they don’t see the wood from the trees. We guess, it is not a matter of how successful they are, it is all matter of how much bigger and even more profitable, that they could be!

How can we prove that? Well we have all the reporting tools you need to sink a battleship. But, there is no such thing as a free meal and they do not want to pay! Crazy when they are paying so much tax!

Motorhome Customer Service

Customer service in the motorhome world is vital. Customers need every level of communication the more the better! Are motorhome dealers failing customers? We have seen this before, where directors, think they know it all and do not need any help. The amazing thing is, that they are not seeing, that their business could double in size and profits would do the same!

If only they will listen and see the potential and apply some disciplines. Why are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In and Google plus so successful? Volume of people, all doing the work for them. Here you are on a plate to jump on board and access those people? But no they think motorhome magazines has more followers. What absolute tosh!

Maybe they don’t want that to happen, as this will lead to more work for them? There must be logic behind this type of mentality. But, just what that is right now, we don’t have a clue. The joke is that they don’t have a clue either! As they say ignorance is bliss!

Funding Customer Loyalty

So, what’s causing such a company to hold back? Quite simply, they don’t have a handle on marketing at all. They think they have, but, believe me they don’t. Happily placing adds, in all the old publications and not tracking them. But, we sold one last week from ??? magazine! Really only one!

Whilst you could say we are all learning as we go, to some extent, that is true. We have come a long way from windows 95! How, many times do we think we have cracked it and the technology improves and away we go again. Is social media the real marketing holy grail? We know it is, but, you have to work at it and encourage your customers at the same time!

Promoting Customers Via Social Media

Many motorhome customers use social media, to keep in touch with family and friends. Why are motorhome dealers not on the same wave length as motohome customers? However, some believe that social media is a somewhat hidden media, that some people just do not get.

No matter what it brings, “we cannot have others in the business knowing more than we do”! An actual quote from an owner a few weeks ago! Not only is a lot of it about effort and being of interest, it goes on 24/7! That means it continues to promote while you are asleep!

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