Bury your head in the sand

“Bury your head in the sand” it is not often that we reflect on articles that we have written, however, with the complete Brexit debacle continuing, we think we must revisit the scene of the crime, from a motorhome perspective. We have updated the article “bury your head in the sand” we wrote on the 7th of August 2018. There is a good reason for this, as here we are, still in the EU. Surprise, surprise! We neither remain or leave we said when the so-called referendum took place, that it would “end in tears” pass me the tissues, please! The leisure industry, just like other UK based businesses, is under strain, to say the least, in some cases. Therefore, getting better standards of customer services and communications with customers is vital to surviving Brexit either way, work needs to be done. There are many things to overcome;

  • taxation legislation changing to car status
  • weak pound making imports expensive
  • Brexit all the issues beyond to come
  • the profitability of dealers and manufacturers
  • funding motorhomes
  • diesel power and the effect on the environment

Bury your head in the sand missing the opportunity

Getting a slice of a very large cake new research from Mintel apparently shows that we spend £129 billion on leisure activities that were for one year alone an increase of 17% compared to five years ago. Motorhomes are large cash items but, that is a lot of dosh what of the future of the UK leisure market well no signs of stopping they forecast that it will rise to £141 billion by 2022. So, step back a moment and think where a customer will be tempted to buy a motorhome what will be needed to secure a deal for sure 100% customer service constant communications and social media interaction.

Bury your head in the sand history repeats itself

Our opinion of the Brexit referendum was that it would do would be to divide peoples opinion either those who love the European idea or live in we are Great Britain instead of getting the real issues sorted out, like costs and contributions to the EU budget. Looking at trade with such a large partner, on virtually our doorstep how did it all come to this? The whole motorhome industry in Europe is very key to the customer’s perception of travelling Europe in a motorhome this is part of the motorhome dream. A dream that we sell to customers then living that dream has been pretty easy why go and put the problems back in the system? The thoughts of green cards different tolls, taxes and who knows what to come to the madness hold dire consequences for an industry we love “living the dream” may just about to become “living the nightmare” let’s hope for the best.

Bury Your Head In The Sand Brexit

We could point the finger of blame at many individuals however, we won’t join in. So, as the saying goes, “if the cap fits wear it”. There are links to two articles, written historically by us on LinkedIn; “Brexit motorhome countdown” and our rant about, “what price the European dream now“. Purely our own opinion the jobs we have here on motorhomes campervans is to promote motorhomes and campervans for motorhome dealers and manufacturers. Helping customers, to find that dream motorhome nothing more and nothing less! However, there are many leisure industry jobs, hanging on the outcome of Brexit we know there will be winners and losers? We want people to find that “dream motorhome” and live the dream, by all means, contact motorhomes campervans if you have any questions.