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An average lifespan of a campervan can be around 200,000 miles buying campervans is recommended by conversion companies. This is about maintaining and having it serviced on time. However, with proper maintenance, a campervan can last much longer. Until that day comes when you find that barn find. Then the fun does start. Knowing about old VW Campers can be a lesson in VW history about how they became micro busses and iconic VW campers become someone’s pride and joy, to say the least, they have become collectable. With the emergence of many new makes and models such as the Fiat Ducato and Ford AIR, a campervan from Auto-Sleepers that starts at circa £70K campers are back in demand.

Younger campervan owners

Knowing your customer is all about research and experience the average age of campervan owners is 35-50 years old as opposed to a motorhome being 50 – 80. Campervans are becoming increasingly popular with younger people as they offer a more affordable and flexible way to live the dream and travel. Ideal as a dual-purpose vehicle most campervans have five travelling seats and more are now being brought with automatic transmissions as opposed to six-speed manual options. This is making them very sought after and used ones are becoming more popular driven by prices rising.

Are you looking for a quality campervan all ready to go?

There are a number of campervan dealers in the UK and Scotland who sell and hire campervans. Most of the hire ones are all built with a standard layout with features like a twin hob, rock and roll bed, roof bed and awning like the many others looking out there may well be lucky and buy one quickly. There are many mainstream manufacturers around some with exceptional, so it may be a matter of taking your time. 

Retrofitted extras on campervans

Many campers get retrofitted extras like bike racks, free-standing awnings, SAT navigation and diesel heaters. But, if you want to buy something different and more bespoke, exactly meeting your imagination and design, maybe needing specialist features to accommodate your hobbies. Or perhaps just a specific colour palette or layout? Then the route to take is to go to a specialist camper conversion company. There are bespoke designers out there who will source a base vehicle either new or used and design the layouts to your own specification. This is a pretty cool way of having something different but remember to check out gas and electric licences without them you may be looking at junk status.

Campervans wanted but beware of camper scams

Remember to look out for campervan scams they are always out there so make sure your heart does not rule your head. Don’t trust anyone especially those online always check and if you are buying use the professionals who provide every detail and take an HPI check. Better safe than sorry campers are expensive so please be on your guard.

Buyers Sellers Campervans

Always be careful when selecting a used campervan as most are pretty good

The average lifespan of a campervan is around 200,000 miles. However, this can vary depending on the make, model, and how well it is maintained. Some campervans can last over 300,000 miles, while others may only last 100,000 miles. Servicing on time will help to keep a camper road worthy. Here are some factors that can affect the lifespan of a campervan

Make and model

Some campervans are built better than others how can this be? Many converters source the used van to be converted and that can reflect in the eventual price. Different cheaper fabrics and blinds can lower the price this is all about being competitive. Campervans from reputable brands with a good track record of reliability are more likely, to last longer and have higher-cost appliances or just want to hold the prices.


Older campervans will have more wear and tear, so they are less likely to last as long as newer ones. That does not mean to say they will keep going if in continual use. The age of the interior can be a bit of a giveaway and that is not surprising if the vehicle is over ten years old. The sun fades the fabrics and that can be upholstered but may be too far gone.


The more miles a campervan has driven, the more likely it is to need services and repairs. Whilst many campervans can eat up those miles things can go wrong. When this happens then is the time you will have wished you had taken out a warranty guarantee.

Maintenance and servicing

Campervans that have been maintained and serviced on time are more likely to last longer. This includes regular oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks keeping the interior clean and having habitation checks are just as useful and will help hold values.

The driving conditions

Campervans driven in harsh conditions, such as off-road or extreme weather, may experience wear and tear or breakdowns. If you want your campervan to last as long as possible buy one from a reputable dealer and have it serviced serviced and maintained, and drive it in good condition. Purchasing a guarantee will provide peace of mind but make sure you seek the right advice.

Additional tips for extending the lifespan of your campervan

  • Inspect the campervan regularly for signs of wear and tear things do wear out
  • Includes checking the tires, brakes, fluids, and other components, especially brakes
  • Fix any problems promptly don’t wait until a small problem becomes a big one
  • Store the campervan in a cool, dry place when not in use this will help to prevent rust and other damage
  • Avoid driving in harsh conditions. If you must drive in harsh conditions, take extra precautions to protect your campervan
  • Following these tips, it will help your campervan last for many years to come

Campervans always wanted

Engineer Aftercare works with some of the best converters in the UK

Looking for a good campervan dealer is a matter of seek and ye shall find. As with all campervans used and new, they need a warranty and below are some dealers who sell campervans and will buy for a cash offer. There are motorhome guarantees available with the dealers below and Engineer Aftercare provide a support service answering our email and free advice. For free campervan valuation calls 01283 240237 with a free valuation and collection and instant cash payment.