Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes

Helping in buying a McLouis Fusion motorhome, please view the pages of information on a mobile or tablet load the pages and use this as a guide to all of the information on the McLouis Fusion motorhomes. Choose a McLouis Fusion dealer help to find the locations for events taking place and how to contact the McLouis Fusion dealers. These pages provide information about the McLouis Fusion motorhomes on sale in the UK this is an easy way to find the specialist McLouis Fusion dealers.

Buying McLouis Fusion motorhomes could not be easier especially knowing the model that is of interest it will then become even easier to find the correct information. The McLouis Fusion motorhomes are on sale in the UK exclusively from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. McLouis make the Fusion in Italy bringing in the famous five McLouis Fusion models to the UK customers are invited along to attend the McLouis Fusion motorhome dealers events and contact a dealer of their choice direct both Auto-Sleeper and McLouis are part of the French Trigano group.

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Made Easy

McLouis Fusion motorhomes are fantastic motorhomes made in Italy and sold into the UK exclusively by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes there are five McLouis Fusion models that are fixed-bed layouts complimenting the layouts all are four berths having everything customers are looking for in these value for money motorhomes. There are options to order the Fiat comfort matic automatic transmission this is an option over the six-speed gearbox. Customers recognise the Italian styling making buying a McLouis Fusion interesting with many benefits awaiting the most discerning buyers the styling of designs with the fabrics provide a top-class finish in all five models. The fixed-bed layouts with the spacious rear garage space sumptuous interiors and impressive layouts make for the four berths have easy access some models have five travelling seats with seat belts as well as all the five models may be downgraded to 3,500 kg options for driving on the standard UK driving licence. The lux packs include Remis cab blinds Thule awning canopy reversing camera and removable carpets.

  1. the solar panel is pre-wired and standard
  2. Fiat comfort magic gearbox option is available
  3. the Fiat cab has alloy wheels air conditioning with cruise control
  4. 6KW Truma Combi gas/electric blown air heating system
  5. the gas bottle storage capacity of 2 x 13 kg on all models

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes History

McLouis Fusion motorhome is about a rich history and a tradition of building leisure vehicles from an Italian base for many years. McLouis has survived takeovers and nothing beats the style that the McLouis brand is recognised for throughout Italy and Europe, the McLouis Fusion and all McLouis motorhome models are made in one factory this is a large operation there are good points to consider when buying any McLouis Fusion. They have excellent construction that provides an exceptional motorhome built on very sound chassis the factory address is Via Val d’Aosta, 4 loc. Fosci IT 53036 Poggibonsi (SI) Italy.

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Italy

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Model

Buying McLouis Fusion Motorhomes