Motorhome rentals are growing in the UK as more people see the value of a motorhome holiday the introduction of the McLouis Fusion in the UK provides a motorhome ideal for motorhome rentals this is an important sign in the Auto-Sleeper and McLouis developments. Both are owned by Trigano Group this is an exclusive import of these Italian motorhomes by the UK’s Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. The McLouis Fusion range is sold by specialist approved McLouis Fusion dealers currently there are five independent motorhome dealers four in the UK and two in Scotland.

The McLouis Fusion are sound motorhomes that are well put together there are no used ones in the market because they were only introduced in 2018 there are not thousands on the road as yet so, the residual values will be good. There remains a shortage of used motorhomes in general. McLouis motorhome is a great brand when they are at the end of time on the fleet they will be sought after. All the models will be fitted with the lux pack that then enhances the specification further.

Most motorhome fans have known about McLouis for some time this is a brand that first appeared in the UK sometime back today they as been brought out by the Trigano Group the McLouis Fusion rage are still made in Italy in a state of the art motorhome factory. The development of the McLouis Fusion brand for the UK revolves around five models only that are fixed bed layout with the rear garage that really works for families the key points of a McLouis Fusion are;

  1. downsized to 3,500kg
  2. able to drive on a UK driving licence
  3. fixed bed layouts
  4. four berths
  5. four travelling seats
  6. some have five travelling seats
  7. end garages are standard

The McLouis Fusion models are all geared to being very practical. They are very continental in both layouts and designs. Continental, layouts tend to have smaller kitchens. Because eating outside is a real preference. However, the extra space makes up for these differences. The fixed bed arrangement is very well received. With electric drop-down beds, providing real ease of access. The lux pack provides remis cab blinds, reversing camera, Thurl awning and removable carpets.