McLouis Fusion Italian Motorhomes

McLouis Fusion is a name that rings a bell well, McLouis certainly is a name associated with motorhomes in the UK, they were sold some time back as McLouis motorhomes. However, time moves on and things change the story evolves even further. In a market that moves fast at times historically, McLouis has seen its share of takeovers. First by the SEA group followed by a takeover from the French Trigano Group. For McLouis a proud Italian manufacturer constantly found fortunes changing many for the better McLouis is back with a bang in the UK. Carefully, being managed by one of the tops recognised UK motorhome names Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Auto-Sleeper is also part of the Trigano group they have imported the bespoke McLouis Fusion range and established the five models with end garages on fixed bed layouts.

McLouis Fusion Italian Motorhomes History

The logic applied here Auto-Sleeper is part of the Trigano Group as well as McLouis The missing bits in the Auto-Sleeper portfolio. With an end garage with four berths some with five seat belts as well as fixed bed layouts. This is a typical European specification this fits the Auto-Sleeper range hand in glove. Ideal for first-time buyers and perfect for the family motorhome holiday the real logic in the fact that the McLouis Fusion may be downsized that means being able to be driven on the standard UK driving licence for more information about buying McLouis Fusion motorhomes contact the McLouis Fusion dealers.

McLouis Fusion Italian Motorhomes Online

Don’t let that opportunity to buy a McLouis Fusion escape here at motorhomes campervans we are happy to help anyone contact motorhomes campervans for help. With an impartial motorhome, advice check-out things that are potential deal stoppers the McLouis Fusion and Auto-Sleeper motorhomes want to make sure that customers have been offered the best deal possible to that end contact McLouis Fusion dealers the McLouis Fusion models are;

  1. McLouis Fusion 331
  2. McLouis Fusion 360
  3. McLouis Fusion 367
  4. McLouis Fusion 373
  5. McLouis Fusion 379