Buying motorhomes CMS auctions appraisals condition reports. Now, we believe that the video reports on vehicles being entered into auctions have to be the way forward. Yes, it would be nice to have a full AA style report and professional habitation check. However, it is not realistic and the team at we buy any motorcaravan and caravan and motorhome sales ltd are providing as much information as possible. Full-time appraisal staff who are trained are not an option at the moment. All of the listed checks of the person who has done the appraisal before the date of the auction are provided as best of what can be seen. Conditions of the motorhome or campervan may change in that time. Here is what to expect when browsing, bidding and buying leisure vehicles;

CMS Trade Auctions

  • Most leisure vehicles have full video appraisals and information like dimensions
  • Detailed descriptions of layouts and specifications
  • Register with CMS Trade only auctions contact them on 01283 240237 OR 01283 688112
  • We suggest that you browse, bid and hopefully buy a quality used leisure vehicle
  • Take into consideration fair wear and tear of used motorhomes and campervans
  • The age of the motorhome or campervan can affect valuations
  • Heating, gas, electric, water systems or accessories inspections are visual only
  • It’s a legal requirement to be trained to carry out any work on gas and electrics
  • Some leisure vehicles are sold as seen buyer beware
  • All motorhomes and campervans are driven to the auction unless stated
  • MOT history and mileage checks are public records for the buyer to do due diligence
  • SMS auctions are trade auctions only and must be treated as such
  • Bidding and terms are bound by British Car Auctions who offer CMS auctions vehicles in monthly auctions
Buying Motorhomes SMS Auctions Appraisals Condition Reports