Buying Your First Motorhome Campervan Leisure Vehicle

Buying your first motorhome campervan leisure vehicle

The first thing to consider, when buying your first motorhome, is what driving licence you need. That will depend on a number of issues. Firstly, the weight of the motorhome, that you are considering buying. That will then determine, the driving licence required to be able to drive the motorhome. So, understanding, the technical terms and how the measurement is interpreted. All factors in deciding which type of motorhome, you would like to buy. Referred to as MAM (maximum allowable mass). From this, the calculation will determine the category of driving licence, that you will need, to drive the motorhome. The driving licence information, is on the Gov website, driving a motorhome. Also, there is good information, from the camping and caravanning club. This gets down to the detail and explains all the issues. The standard UK driving licence, is issued when passing the driving test. This covers categories B and B1. This means you can drive a vehicle up to 3,500 kg. Also, that enables you to tow a trailer up to 750 kg.

Obtaining a licence, to drive over 3,500 kg requires a driving test. This is for a Category C1 driving licence, to drive a larger motorhome, over 3,500 kg. By large, we mean in weight, that being between the MAM of 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg. In the first instance, this may be hard to follow. Because, if you passed your driving test, before, the 1st of January 1997, this entitles you to a category C1 licence! However, if you took a test after that date, you must take a separate driving test for over 3,500 kg to 7,500 kg! The important bit is, in either case, your current driving licence, entitles you to drive motorhomes up to 3,500 kg MAM. Most UK made motorhomes are just under or on the 3,500 kg weight.

Buying Your First Motorhome Happy 70th

Now, hopefully, we are beginning to paint a better picture. Before we do, if you want to stay on a standard license. There are a number of factors to take into account. Hopefully, when you reach 70 years of age, you will need to renew your driving licence. So, a standard renewal procedure just leaves you with a C1 entitlement. That means motorhomes between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg are not covered then by your licence. The solution is to ask your doctor or GP to fill in a medical report form D4. Assuming you pass, you can continue to drive the over 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg motorhomes. They will charge you a fee! When you reach 70, your licence expires, but that does not mean you have to stop driving. Just renew your driving licence if you want to continue driving. After that, it is every 3 years and the renewal is free of charge. If in doubt, your friendly motorhome dealer, will be on hand to help you. They know the motorhome weights and licence issues.

Buying Your First Motorhome Driving Licenses 

The UK driving licence definitions starting with a category B licence. The B category allows a maximum authorized mass (MAM) of up to 3500 kg. Up to just 8 seats, with travelling seats and seat belts for passengers. Tow a trailer no heavier than 750 kg. For trailers over 750 kg, you will need a category B+E on the licence. However, it is possible to tow a trailer heavier than 750 kg. As long as the MAM of the trailer together do not exceed 3500 kg. Also, the trailer must be lighter than the vehicle towing it.

The category C1 driving license is for motorhomes with a maximum authorized mass (MAM) of between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg! The trailer up to 750 kg category C1. If the trailer is heavier than 750 kg C1+E will be required.

The category C driving licence is for a MAM of above 7.5 kg then category C is required on your licence. You are able to tow a trailer that is no heavier than 750 kg. Above the weight, you will need category C+E.

Having passed a test before 1996 and under the age of 70. You will have a C1 license. However, when 71, you will have to take the test again. If you took a test after 1997, you have to take a test to obtain a C1 licence.

Buying Your First Motorhome Offers

Buying your first motorhome campervan leisure vehicle

Buying Your First Motorhome Looking 

Buying your first motorhome campervan leisure vehicle

Buying Your First Motorhome Choosing The Motorhome

So, once you have the licence and weight issues, fully understood. Now, you can start the search by buying your first motorhome. Before, we go any further, when buying a motorhome, look up what all the motorhome jargon, actually means! It will help you to understand what is on offer. Now on to the next steps;

  1. motorhome found that fits your driving licence
  2. weights fully understood
  3. what height will we go to?
  4. what width will get through the drive gates?
  5. just how long is it, will it fit in the drive?
  6. seat belts and travelling seats?
  7. berths and layouts what do you fancy?
  8. just how many are going to come with you?
  9. what is the deal and which motorhome dealer are you going to buy from?
  10. how are you going to pay?

Buying Your First Motorhome Finance

So, now it is crunch time you have found what you want to buy. However, how are you going to pay for it?  No matter, what you have opted to buy, be it a new or preloved motorhome. You may need some good motorhome advice on motorhome finance. Other things are going to crop up on that journey to finally being behind the wheel. The motorhome insurance, the conditions of the quote? For example, just how long are you going to be in Europe? This needs to be understood by you and the insurer. So, if you have opted for a brand new motorhome. Well, there is nothing quite like being the first to have slept in the beds. Tanks filled up and off you go on that motorhome first outing, Don’t get too carried away until those finances and costs have been fully understood.

Buying Your First Motorhome New or Preloved

New or used the choice is all yours. However, the greatest obstacle is the actual cost of buying a new motorhome. Maybe the option of used motorhomes may be a better bet.  Most motorhomes hold their value pretty well. However, like anything new, it will still depreciate. Like any deal, there is usually some significant savings on the new price. But, if you consider your options of spreading the cost over a longer period. Then those monthly payments may look very attractive on that new motorhome deal. No motorhome warranty issues, no MOT in the first 3 years.

Buying Your First Motorhome New McLouis Fusion

Now, here is a real tip, if you consider a McLouis Fusion brand new. They are excellent Italian motorhomes. Also, they have an option of downsizing to sort the licence issues out. Long warranty, popular fixed-bed layouts, and a rear garage. Because, all of the 5 models, maybe downgraded to 3500 kg, chassis. Therefore, this will allow the models to be driven on a standard UK licence. There are great layouts, 4 berths, and 5 travelling seats on some models. All are fixed-bed motorhomes with a rear garage. Buying McLouis Fusion motorhomes key points;

  1. Fibreglass roof 33 mm thick
  2. Step-on, anti-hail-bearing structure
  3. living space door
  4. habitation door with window, bin and blind
  5. solar-ready cable pre-setting for solar panel
  6. colour bumper front bumper in white
  7. integrated daylights
  8. Skydome window with blind
  9. wide garage doors
  10. internal garage height up to 1470 mm (model specific)
  11. LED garage space lighting
  12. lowered garage doors for a more comfortable loading (model specific)
  13. entrance door pleated sliding mosquito net on
  14. external LED light over the entrance door
  15. Seitz windows
  16. fibreglass underbody
  17. resistance against water and atmospheric agents

Buying Your First Motorhome McLouis Fusion Range

Typically Italian the Fiat cab has a host of great features. With a super cab specification with alloys, air conditioning, cruise control all as standard. Winterisation and the 6KW Truma Combi gas/electric blown air heating system. With the gas bottle storage capacity of 2 x 13 kg bottles on all models. The option of a Fiat comfortmatic gearbox provides that option to a manual 6 speed. For more information see; Fiat Ducato Comfortmatic Gearboxes McLouis Fusion Options. For more information check out the McLouis Fusion dealers, they will be delighted to help you.