Taking the small tow car on holiday is it insured

Car insurance insuring small tow cars towing behind a motorhome

Car insurance quotes online towing a small car behind a motorhome make sure that both vehicles are insured correctly car insurance insuring small tow cars towing behind motorhomes needs to be insured. Motorhome insurance should provide a minimum of third-party cover for the towed car, and the car insurance should cover any damage that occurs to the car itself while it is being towed.

Now we know that peace of mind is all part of good planning, taking your motorhome abroad and towing a car, you need to make sure that both policies provide foreign use cover. Don’t forget to check the length of time that each policy is valid for, as you may need to take out additional cover if you are away for longer than usual. Things to consider when insuring a small tow car:

  • Weight of the tow car
  • The tow car must be able to withstand the weight of the motorhome and any additional weight being towed
  • The towing capacity of the motorhome
  • Motorhome weight of the tow car and any additional weight being towed
  • The type of tow bar
  • The tow bar must be compatible with both the motorhome and the tow car
  • The type of insurance ensures that both vehicles are insured correctly

If you are unsure about any of these factors, you should contact your insurance company for advice. Here are some tips for towing a small car behind a motorhome:

  • Make sure that both vehicles are properly insured.
  • Check the weight of the tow car and the towing capacity of the motorhome
  • Make sure that the tow bar is compatible with both vehicles
  • Use a slow speed when towing
  • Be aware of the extra length of the vehicle when towing
  • Be extra careful when reversing
  • Check the tow car’s brakes regularly
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for towing

Towing a small car with an A-Frame

Many motorhome owners like the idea of taking a small car with them on motorhome holiday towing with an A-frame behind the owner’s motorhomes becomes more popular. Beware that car insurance cover may not do the job. Owners now realise they need to know what they are towing behind them and how heavy they are. Taking out motorhome or campervan insurance is one thing having the correct car insurance cover in addition to a tow car is another. No doubt towing with your motorhome can give you the flexibility of taking a car away with you.

What cover is required for towing a small car? 

More and more people are taking their car with them on motorhome holidays, as this makes life easy for site-seeing doing the shopping or going to that favourite restaurant is much easier to do. Having the right cover provides peace of mind that makes that small car well worth taking with you. Motorhome insurance reaches out for other insurance covers, such as travel insurance, health and breakdown insurance and recovery breakdown insurance cover however that cover for the tow car needs checking as there are no grey areas in any insurance quite simply “you are or are not covered”.

Other insurance covers to consider

Getting an A-Frame and tow bar fitted 

Now the leading question is it easy to find out about the costs of an A-Frame and tow bar? Also, a reversing camera helps when towing a car behind the motorhome. The legal position is that you can tow trailers up to a certain weight with your car driving licence. The weight you’re allowed depends on your driving licence. You will need the vehicle and trailer weight known as the ‘maximum authorised mass ( MAM ). Also, remember 4×4 that automatic gearboxes will need to be on a trailer and not towed from behind on an A-Frame. Some specialists fit tow bars and a-frames and sell a small tow car ready to go.

Cover while you are on holiday? 

What about that home insurance coverage while you are away? All things considered, that small tow car may be a godsend when away in your motorhome but what are the true costs should you break down? If the tow car is covered it may be using the car breaking linked to the motorhome so, when the motorhome breaks so does the car.

This does make a difference and some insurers may take an overview of what can be covered. The other thing to consider is your house is covered if you are away for a long holiday. Home insurance is pretty straight forward but many insurers put a limit on the length of cover when the home is unoccupied.

Cover in case of an accident

Here at motorhomes campervans, we try to help anyone looking for a quote or price for a motorhome and have links to many different leisure services, some of which are insurance comparison advertisers. They usually have top brand names using their platform to compare insurance quotes on all sorts of policies for motorhomes, campervans, caravans, and domestic like pet insurance on forums and discover what other motorhome and campervan owners are taking with them pointed out that could be specific like tow car insurance or Gap insurance in case you have an accident and write off your leisure vehicle.