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Carado Motorhome Group Erwin Hymer Group Company. There is one simple thing about the Carado motorhome group They expand 4 great designs into a great brand. The Integrated I Series features a very spacious chassis. Making this a great choice in the Carado model series. The driver’s cab is integrated into the living area. Therefore, that just goes to create even more space to relax in the motorhome. The semi-integrated Low Profile models are available with various layouts. Also, with some pretty good bed layouts and options. The Over Cab and having that drop-down over-cab bed. This makes the  A-series coach-built to have even more space for sleeping, living and relaxing in the lounge areas. Saving the best till last, the new Carado motorhome group, the camper van is compact, flexible and very down-to-earth. With a car to be used as a motorhome, this is it! Just perfect to be used in everyday life or as a main second vehicle.

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Carado GmbH Bahnhof 11, D-88299 Leutkirch. Telephone: : +49 7561 9097-300

Carado Motorhome Group Part Of Erwin Hymer Group

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