To show or not to show or go or not to go that is the questions

Caravan Camping Motorhome Show 2022 NEC Birmingham. To show or not to show is the question as well as to go or not to go. We always say what we are thinking and going to this indoor event in our opinion is very risky, to say the least! Apparently, ticket sales are not the high numbers of motorhome shows past. However, until those doors are open we won’t know and our concern is that this is not an outdoor event so the follow the government guidelines will mean absolutely nothing. We have two concerns in the following areas;

  • duty of care to employees
  • duty of care to customers

Both, are important to address as they are legal requirements of dealers and manufacturers to make sure that both employees and customers remain safe when at work and for customers visiting a show. Now some would say that the event organisers are responsible but are they? The one thing to also remember is the age group of customers considering many motorhome and campervan owners are past 60 years of age! Before we get accused of scare-mongering just stand back and ask yourselves “what are the risks”?

  • being exposed to many people at close quarters
  • viewing habitation areas that don’t get sanitised
  • handleing promotional matariel given out

So why we are not going to attend the NEC show?

Following our short article, we have been asked by a number of people why? There are some simple reasons we are not going to the NEC motorhome show, we don’t think they can make it safe to visit stands and show people around habitation areas safely. We have real concerns about the duty of care for employees and members of the public. Whilst the events team say they are following government guidelines regards large events. We think this is not anywhere near good enough and everyone must make a decision, all we can do is point out our concerns. Yes, it would be disappointing but better “safe than sorry”!

What legislation is the “duty of care”?

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act states that all employers have a duty to do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees. This is whether you are running a start-up or family business, a professional services company, large corporate organization, you have a responsibility to protect the people you work with against physical, mental, emotional, and economic harm. It covers anyone that comes into contact with your work! Employees, large teams, volunteers, contracted workers, clients and wait for it, members of the public!

Buildings and premises

The duty of care goes into more detail and covers things like buildings and premises so, does this become very relevant to a motorhome show? General health and safety apply especially if you employ more than five people. Correct insurance is also requiered. Buildings and places of employment covers things like;

  • Provide a safe place to work
  • Ensuring the premises are clean and free of risk
  • Providing safe routes of entry and exit
  • Health and safety signage according to regulations
  • Equipment is installed and used correctly
  • Providing appropriate protective equipment

Who is liable if it all goes wrong?

Well, we guess the leading question is whos show is it? However, those directors, board members and business owners of organisations of all sizes must provide effective leadership for health and safety and we think the duty of care is all part of this. Protecting employees, or members of the public who may be affected by work activities is an essential part of any risk management and must be led by directors and senior managers. Directors can be personally liable when health and safety duties are breached. Does that then apply to anyone taking part in the motorhome show.

Swift not attending the NEC show

So, we think that Swift has taken a strategic decision not to attend the show sighting other reasons. Swift said its reason for pulling out of the show was because buyers are now more comfortable researching and making a major purchasing decision, like buying a motorhome, online and then finalising at their local dealership. We hope this post identifies some of the risks and if we keep one person safe from covid it is a start.

Glasgow show cancelled

There are other factors to consider attending the NEC Show. Organisers have cancelled the event due to supply chain issues from a rise in demand for caravan and motorhome holidays which has resulted in a lack of goods for dealers to showcase at the show. As they say, you cannot sell off an empty barrow. There is a number of issues in this area with the used motorhome supply very low this has seen the rise of we buy any motorcaravan and CMS auctions in the UK.

Hoping for better times stay safe

Yes, we are all hoping for better times and the sooner the better but, the Omicron virus has shown us in a matter of days it spreads! So, why risk attending an event that can expose you to it in vast numbers. We know close friends and business associates that have had it and it’s no joke they were very ill. We know that the inoculations have made a difference but, how do you protect large numbers indoors? If it was an outdoor event then maybe that would be better if masks were worn. We have managed to keep working from home for these past 2 years and will continue to help anyone we can. All we can say is “stay safe”.