Caravan towing law B+E date is set to change. Caravan towing law set to change, if you passed your test after 1997 you will have needed a B+E towing test to tow larger caravans. From 15/11/2021 the law is set to change so anyone who passed after 1997 will be able to tow a trailer or caravan up to 3500kg.

This means you will have no restriction for towing and as long as your vehicle is 3500kg you can tow a caravan that weighs 3500kg with no extra test required.

You will still need to check your V5 for your maximum braked trailer weight, and you should not exceed this weight when towing.

Even though the law is changing we would advise towing lessons before going for a big caravan and caravan especially if you have never towed before.

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Caravan towing law B+E date is set to change