Carthago Motorhome Group

If you have been considering a German made motorhome, the Carthago motorhome group provides options. From the premium class, integrated, integrated lightweight and semi-integrated motorhomes. With the outstanding Carthago motorhomes really setting good standards.

  1. Integrated
  2. Integrated Lightweight
  3. Semi Integrated
  4. Comfort Liner

The history of Carthago motorhome group goes back to 1979, when founded by Karl-Heinz Schuler. The companies owner managed the company that now employs circa 1,100 people. The Carthago motorhome group is now one of Europe’s leading motorhome manufactures. The Carthago motorhomes are integrated motorhomes. The very popular Carthago c-compactline right through to the highliner series. To accomodate all of the new developments in designs and layouts. In 2013, the company moved into Carthago-City. This has become the headquarters in the Upper Swabian Aulendorf. Now recognised as one of Europe’s state-of-the-art motorhome production. centres. Searches for Carthago Motorhomes online;

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Carthago Motorhome Group Integrated

The Carthago motorhome group caters for many different choices, with an Integrated – Lightweight having 2 models. The c-compactline and the c-tourer I. The Carthago motorhome group provides very generous living areas. This is very quick to discover, by turning the front seats. To make life even easier the comfortable fold-down bed comes into its own. Situated above the front seats, this provides an impressive sleeping area.

Carthago Motorhome Group Semi Integrated

The Carthago motorhome group, has  two main Semi-Integrated motorhomes. The c-tourer T and the chic c-line T. The models have a very nice driver’s cabins with excellent layouts. There has with all German motorhomes that great handling position when driving. The aerodynamics provides the semi-integrated with a sporty look. The semi-integrated motorhomes provide a very cost effective alternative. To that of the Carthago, integrated motorhomes. The T-model provides an introduction to very popular Carthago motorhomes

Comfort Liner Class

There is no better solution that the Carthago motorhome group provides, than the Integrated – Comfort and Liner class. With five models to choose from, chic c-line, chic e-line, chic s-plus and liner-for-two.

Carthago Motorhome Group 2019

Outstanding quality, design and equipment all part of the Cartargo 2019 range. The Carthago motorhome group has provided a very complete living space in all its motorhomes. They lend themselves for taking ideal holidays and weekend breaks. For sure they stand out from the crowd. Also, they are made in Germany to a very high standard. As with all German motorhomes they tend to specialise in being very practical.

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Carthago Motorhome Group

Carthago Motorhome Group

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