Auto-Trail motorhomes are part of the Trigano group a long-established UK motorhome manufacturer one of the UK’s oldest based in Grimsby in North Lincolnshire with an excellent track record of producing award-winning motorhomes. The Auto-Trail motorhome dealer network is on hand to help anyone interested in buying or servicing an Auto-Trail. Those who purchase a new Auto-Trail motorhome or van conversion are in for something very special from a workforce dedicated to perfection building some of the finest luxury leisure vehicles available. When buying an Auto-Trail you also have invested in an exciting way to enjoy a leisure related lifestyle together with the other members of the Auto-Trail Owners’ club on hand to assist any new or used Auto-Trail owners. An Auto-Trail experience with different layouts and designs provides a great motorhome to own when the time comes to sell there are plenty of options available as they remain very popular as pre-owned motorhomes and people are always looking for them as used motorhomes.