Artist Dethleffs development began by developing a small caravan on wheels. This was for taking the family with him so not without leaving his family behind. Today we see a wonderful range of motorhomes that have been awarded for its many innovative solutions. Truly German build motorhome selling in many different parts of Europe. This is German engineering and Dethleffs motorhomes fulfill many dreams.

Dethleffs Motorhome Group

Dethleffs Motorhome Group There is a nice story about the Dethleffs motorhome group founder Arist Dethleffs. Because, he wanted his family to travel with him on business trips! So, over 80 years ago he built his first recreational vehicle, therefore the family s able to travel with him. He names his invention "Wohnauto". As they say the rest is history! Not to be outdone, the following years sees, his first caravans that are built on order in a [...]

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  • Dethleffs Globetrotter XLI 7850 2 DBM