Now, for a story about leisure vehicles wanted yes, here you are looking all over for a certain motorhome, campervan or caravan and not finding one. Then success you find the one online and ring up only to find that it has been sold. However, don’t despair use the leisure vehicle wanted services to help you to find that leisure vehicle of your dreams.

Used Auto Sleeper Warwick Duo 2015

The Warwick Duo Peugeot Auto-Sleeper has been around for some time this one example was in excellent condition and was registered in the UK and sold by Derby Motorhomes in 2015. The Warwick Duo layout excels with its end lounge with twin singles and made into a double if wanted really does make this a very popular van conversion. Virtually all were with the premium pack when brand new this enhances the specification and adds real value when being offered [...]

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