The McLouis Fusion is part of Auto-Sleeper Ltd, with motorhomes offering comprising of six motorhomes. One with an end lounge, the others are fixed bed motorhomes in an Italian style. With an end garage and a real value for money offering, McLouis Fusion bridges a gap and is a fusion of the brands. Both are part of the French group Trigano. PLEASE note we display and have videos and articles that are from previous years contact dealers to find up to date information and prices.

McLouis Fusion Motorhome Rentals

McLouis Fusion Motorhome Rentals Motorhome rentals are growing in the UK as more people see the value of a motorhome holiday the introduction of the McLouis Fusion in the UK provides a motorhome ideal for motorhome rentals this is an important sign in the Auto-Sleeper and McLouis developments. Both are owned by Trigano Group this is an exclusive import of these Italian motorhomes by the UK’s Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. The McLouis Fusion range is sold by specialist approved McLouis [...]

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