That Italian comes at you on any Mobilvetta motorhomes they are typically Italian and the finish is outstanding. There is no doubt that once you had entered the habitation and cab area you will be well and truly hooked. Styles, designs, and fantastic layouts with many standard extras they just look the part. Whilst a hefty price tag is inevitable they are in line with other motorhomes in their style.

Mobilvetta K-Yacht 79 Motorhome Review

Check out this Mobilvetta K-Yacht 79 motorhome review see why all good buyers WANT TO BUY YOUR MOBILVETTA MOTORHOME offering free valuations, free collections and instant faster payment. Call 01283 240 237 or visit and sell your motorhome with We Buy Any So, review this modern Mobilvetta K-Yacht 79 Tekno Line motorhome. It is an A class motorhome with a drop down bed at the front and height adjustable island bed at the rear. Watch the video and [...]

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