The motorhome and caravan show is held on YouTube every Sunday at 7 pm anyone can join in the banter and pick up tips and see videos of different motorhomes and caravans. Asking the experts on hand to really help find the right motorhome and caravan information is all key to the show’s success. The show is hosted by Shane Malpass and Jason Reynolds who invite guests to appear and discuss a range of leisure-related products. On hand to assist are other experts who have many different skills from habitation servicing to how things work are all part of the debate. Both motorhomes and caravans are chosen to feature in a review of different makes models and layouts. All in all the motorhome and caravan show provides anyone interested in motorhomes, campervan, caravans, campsite locations, and all sorts of after-sale tips and tricks. Both, Jason and Shane have very successful motorhome and leisure vehicle businesses so, this approach is a really hands-on trade knowledge show.