Twin rear wheel motorhomes are designed to carry weight with a large payload over the standard MIRO they are ideal for touring. You need to check the driving license requirement for a twin rear-wheel motorhome. The obvious thing about cost is the extra tyre costs by having 6 wheels. there are other things should I be considering especially the day-to-day driving and maintenance? With a larger motorhome, there is increased fuel consumption and often to be found after being in storage is making sure the tyres are sound especially if stood for a number of months. Silly things like topping up tyre pressures can be a task? If you are going to use in the winter then a snow chain be used. With space, storage and a larger payload having some advantages then it is a matter of looking at the downsides the extra set of wheels necessary for carrying the weight and possibly a whole new driving experience awaits when in a twin rear-wheel motorhome.