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There is no doubt that the Challenger motorhome group has excellent motorhomes to promote. In fact, Challenger has been in business for over thirty years. In that time the Challenger motorhome group has become a European leader in the manufacturer of motorhomes. Today they are part of the Trigano Group, They can be found still where they began in France. The Challenger factory site is at Tournon-sur-Rhône (Ardèche department). This is one of Europe’s largest, motorhome manufacturing sites, covering 200,000 square meters and having over 700 employees.

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Challenger Motorhome Group History

Continuing what they began way back in 1985, developing a high-class standard of motorhome manufacturing. Motorhomes that have been targeted to get the right price and offer value for money.  Also, developing, everything necessary to travel well at an affordable price. Challenger certainly does what it says on the tin Challenge the balance between price and equipment. That also takes in safety and comfort. In addition, providing a place for Challenger owners topics to be understood. Listening to that information to improve the standards of all Challenger motorhomes.

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Challenger Motorhomes 1 AVENUE DE ROCHEBONNE CS 69003 07302 TOURNON SUR RHONE CEDEX France Telephone; +33 0 4 75 07 56 50

Challenger Motorhome Group Part Of The Trigano Group

Trigano Group Brands

Trigano Group has many brands now including Adria Motorhome Group. So, here are some of the popular motorhome ones;

  1. Adria Motorhome Group
  2. ARCA Motorhome Group
  3. Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group
  4. Auto-Trail Motorhome Group
  5. Autostar Motorhome Group
  6. Benimar Motorhome Group
  7. Challenger Motorhome Group
  8. Chausson Motorhome Group
  9. Ci Motorhome Group
  10. Elnagh Motorhome Group
  11. Eura Mobil Motorhome Group
  12. Font Vendôme Motorhome Group
  13. Karmann-Mobil Motorhome Group
  14. Kentucky Motorhome Group
  15. McLouis Motorhome Group
  16. Marquis Leisure
  17. Mobilvetta Motorhome Group
  18. Notin Motorhome Group
  19. Randger Motorhome Group
  20. Rimor Motorhome Group
  21. Roller Team Motorhome Group
  22. Sun Living Motorhome Group
  23. Tribute Motorhome Group
  24. Xgo Motorhome Group

Challenger Motorhome Group French Design Flair

Challenger motorhome group have really continued as they started out. Producing an outstanding range of motorhomes and camping vans. With Low Profile, Over Cabs and Vans. The names of the models are all part of the story, from Mageo, Sirius, Genesis and Vany. Providing all sorts of great layouts and berths that cater for most customers. All developed with a style and flair that can only be French!

Challenger Motorhome Group Sirius

Challenger Motorhome Group Mageo

Challenger Motorhome Group Vany

Challenger Motorhome Group Genesis