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Changing Times Leisure Vehicles Motorhomes Campervans Caravans. We thought it a good idea to take a look back at what we believe has been very changing times. Everyone seems to have fallen in love with leisure-related vehicles driven on by that magical word “staycation”. The industry may be looking back to have really did get stuck in the 60s. That is the way it feels and we thought it was that nostalgia, the sun, surf, VW camper and hippy movement that started that journey way back. The most amazing thing that focused us on things was the marketing or lack of it, of what has always been quite an expensive purchase. A simple experience took place at an outdoor show on a sunny day, a customer asked how much is it? £40K drive away price OK I will have it! No demonstration, no more questions deal done. How will you want to pay cash of course! Sure enough there and then cash was produced and counted. So, on reflection here we have here is someone, man and wife in their sixties buying a motorhome in the middle of a field handing over their life savings no doubt. Then driving off there and then down memory lane no doubt for the first time.

What Next From Sales Rentals Staycations?

You may well say that would never happen now with all the red tape to conform to DVLC, getting a vehicle taxed to no money laundering, cash payments would be out of the window. But, that is what happened to dealers who used to go to shows? Those days of customers getting over-excited and ending up dealing with total strangers trusting in the dealer’s have gone. Those “honest John” days what a joy looking back. However, those flippant attitudes of customers when the customers were not King has changed. That customer is a different bread to many buyers of the past firstly they are younger and want that family holiday to be in their own space. They also know their rights from distant selling to the sale of goods act. Talk about buyers beware this now may well be dealers beware these days. Changes of events from no motorhome show to media advertising are taking leisure vehicle selling to another height. Many dealers have regained the upper hand due to supply and demand but, how long will that last? Quite a long time, due to shortages of components and many manufacturers have an inventory of unfinished, unsold vehicles. Used motorhomes are at record sales with the days of the “owner motorhome rental” is upon us that will mean more changes.

Demand Out Performs Availablity

These past two years have sorted things out, maybe for the good or not so good. There is an old saying that “you cannot sell off an empty barrow” how true that has become these past weeks for many dealers don’t have the stock to sell. Orders are well into next year the shortage of used motorhomes has never been as bad as it is now. The emergence of rental platforms like Goboony provides a whole new experience for the owner to get some income from their leisure vehicle. So, what of the marketing/ frankly, will motorhome shows ever be the same? Many new buyers may not want to attend. Currently, why would any dealer attend shows knowing they have no stock to sell? Why would a customer attend a show right now? Risking viruses, other issues they want safe and secure environments to have their staycation. The new first-time buyers look to be here for the long haul, doing their research in advance. Is it just a matter of placing an order and arranging a collection date no need to part exchange as you can sell my motorhome for cash and then take any discounts that are going. Motorhome warranty or guarantees are online and renewed at any time. So just what is the need for a dealer? You could say that’s the million-dollar question.

Technology Who Needs Dealers?

We know there are many different ways of looking at what technology can do fully automated. The leading question is the motorhome salesperson as we know them about to become extinct? With online platforms delivering a whole new buying experience. From deliveries to your door now becoming the norm. Leisure vehicles could well be heading that way as well many dealers saying that will never happen. Looking back, they said that about buying finance and insurance online. Well, part-exchange and pricing are the keys we need to be looking for that super service that customers take for granted? The facts are clear you can get a valuation online and sell your motorhome for cash with collections nationwide from your door, instant payments and no hassle. The questions are what value do dealers bring? Just a retrained white van person may well do? Look out for new features to provide buyers with a view of what vehicles are going to the auction. Many auctions are closed to trade buyers only is that a good thing? Auction view vehicles, motorhomes and campervans from we buy any motorcaravan from one of our large advertisers. They list what they are sending to auction every month. Also, a very progressive motorhome dealer Derby motorhomes display vehicles for instant sales.

Buying warranty guarantees breakdown cover online 

Just go put “motorhome warranty” into Google and discover the number of insurance guarantees available online. Buying leisure vehicle warranty guarantees with breakdown cover online has never been easier. However, who are you dealing with, what aftersales support do they provide? That is all a matter of how they handle claims and the experience a customer may have when they have the misfortune to break down? We all get fed up with waiting for that person to answer the phone “all our operators are busy, you are waiting in a queue,” which drives us mad. So the online sometimes needs a little tweaking step in Engineer Aftercare with a personal stake in customer service. Another one of our advertisers to help our motorhomes and campervans readers.

Changing Times Leisure Vehicles Motorhomes Campervans Caravans