Changing Times

Well, there are changing times, in the leisure industry and motorhome sales are no exception. With more leisure time filtering through and an ageing population, those changing times were bound to happen. Motorhome changing times are becoming of interest to motorhome dealers as well as owners. Not to mention that fists time motorhome buyer. Historically, motorhome buyers /owners, tend to be 55 plus years in age. There is a shift coming and that is all down to what’s happening, Both, the way we need leisure and what we are able to afford. Changing times are also coming with the new technology. We now live in an information age. No better way, to find out about motorhomes, than online.  Youtube to thank for making motorhome information come alive. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter. All, passing on live time information, at the click of a mouse.

There is no stopping, these changing times, on this Google driven information train. That has to be a good thing for the consumer. Whilst, motorhome dealers are embracing the opportunities, the consequences of changing times are clear. Reduced margins and some great deals for the consumer! But, more sales for the motorhome dealers. Those who are switched on, then changing times, means changing how things are done! Also, these changing times are a growth time, for the motorhome manufacturers! This is an industry that is set to grow and change. This is a time when older people will have more time. Maybe leisure time rich, but a little leisure time cost poor. So, looking at a different set of buyers is inevitable. The younger people don’t just want a VW campervan. Many have grown up living the motorhome dream. This is a time, for changing the way things are done! An age where motorhome rentals, are set to grow. Where motorhome finance and motorhome insurance, are not such a challenge!

Changing Times Motorhome Dealers

Changing times, in this day and age, is at times, rapid! No doubt, in the end, this will result in only be one winner, the consumer. That may well become a good thing! Motorhomes may well be complicated things if you let them. We have seen the housing market, where margins have been squeezed for estate agents. How long have the motorhome dealerships and manufacturers got? Before the estate agent effect, takes place? Not long!  Motorhomes are often referred to, as houses on wheels!

Motorhome dealers are developing online access, to lots of motorhome information. From youtube channels, that they have been developing, to virtual reality videos. This is a way of packaging knowledge up, for the customer to use. However, that is making the world of motorhomes, to be really shrunk. Talk about honey I have shrunk the kids. It as a matter of we have shrunk wrapped the motorhome information. That means the more savvy buyer, has access to all new and used motorhomes online. This will no doubt, turn into an online library for used motorhomes for sale prices. As Bob Dylan sang “the times they are a changing” this could be a leisure anthem, for many motorhome dealers.

Changing Times VR Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, better known as VR is out there now. This is a world of changing times, all within itself! You have what it says on the tin. VR to view a motorhome in 3D, The information train, is definitely on track to delivering sales”! Being on the cusp of learning about new technology, it is here right now. Selling motorhomes has always been about offering value for money. Offering a service, that matches the customer’s expectation. It is no longer rocket science, the fact is that customers are over the moon with what is developing”! Selling, the description, visiting the motorhome of your choice from your PC. This has never been easier. For many independent dealers, in remote areas, this adds even more value”.

Changing Times Here Online

So, many think that motorhome sale, will to some extent, rest with how the economy is going to be? Just stand back and look at the facts, living the dream, is nearer now for many to grab a slice of the action. Motorhome finance like all funding of products has been the key to unlock the door. Many customers are still releasing equity in their houses. With house prices, that have risen again and again, there is a lot of equity out there untapped. That dream motorhome is now in the mindset of people retiring thinking, why not. We all have that escape route in mind, to just take off and go live that dream by the sea. What better way than in a motorhome? So, the changing times, in selling motorhomes online, continues, This is leading to be a clear sign of a grab for market share. Again, the signs are there, that the motorhome market is moving forward at pace. So, grab that chance to live that dream today, why wait?

Changing Times Now

Just what do you look out for in these changing times in motorhome sales? Well, that is a matter if you are a motorhome dealer. have you seen the light? As a customer have you seen that light shining bright? There are some great new motorhomes out there at the moment, Such as the McLouis Fusion all aimed at the family with fixed bed layouts and up to 5 travelling seats and all 4 berths. Oh yes, and real value for money. Don’t take our word for it go try one.

Changing times

Changing Times Hire

There is no doubt that changing times in the leisure industry means change. None more so than in the motorhome rental market place. The fact is now there are some great rental deals out there. This provides the customer with a great way to try before they buy a motorhome. Plus the fact that a motorhome holiday makes a lot of sense. With the fact of so much uncertainty, just go rent a motorhome and discover a whole new world of new adventures. All at a great price.

Changing times