Chinese Manufactured Motorhomes

Well it had to happen sooner or later, the arrival of Chinese manufactured motorhomes. But, it sure has taken a huge step. What are we talking about and what are the consequences, you may well ask? Motorhomes made in China, had to happen at some stage, being made for the use in mainland China. This time instead of copying things, something the Chinese are often accused of doing! Enter stage right, the mighty Hymer group, who has joined forces with Loncen. To set up motorhome production for the Chinese home market.

Well, China is a large place and just to help the venture on its way, apparently the Chinese government is setting up 4,000 motorhome campsites to provide an amazing starting point, for Motorhome mania in China, to grow there is plenty of room! How can you not be impressed? So, for so long China has been a hidden place. Now it appears that this is going to open up, into what has to be, one heck of a motorhome venture. Especially, for Hymer, who are flexing those German motorhome manufacturing skills.

Announced at the Caravan Salon,  it comes as no surprise, as it was just bound to happen sooner or later. However, the million dollar question is just how big will the Chinese home market become? What will the pricing strategy be? Rental, lease or out and out, ownership? We will soon be about to find out!

Made In China

The joint venture that Hymer has entered into, is going to be known as, Luoyang Erwin Hymer-Loncen Caravan Co Ltd. This will be set up to produce motorhomes and caravans in and for China. Located in Luoyang City, a city of seven million people! This is in the Henan province and is currently producing six caravan models, that are branded Loncen.

Hymer In China

“It is only a matter of time, before China also, becomes the world market leader, in the area of recreational vehicles. From the very beginning, Loncen has been a strong partner, which has allowed us to advance our internationalisation strategy – so that we can offer unique recreational and mobility experiences for customers worldwide”.

Martin Brandt, CEO Erwin Hymer Group

China Motorhomes For Europe?

The news is in and here are the details, the Erwin Hymer Group has founded a joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer Loncen. Who are they you may well ask? They are one of China’s largest companies and for Hymer this is a large step into a new market.

It goes without saying, that this move has tremendous growth potential. Taking China, on the next step, of it’s recreational and mobility experiences. The question remains, what does that hold for many customers worldwide?

Right now, we see that worldwide demand for motorhomes, caravans, campervans and leisure related products are rising. In fact, the Chinese market offers enormous opportunities for growth, in so many areas. To many to mention here!

China Motorhomes For Asia?

The next question will be simple, will they then target other potential Motorhome markets in Asia? How long, before we see, made in China on other Hymer products for sale worldwide?

Whilst, you can view this two ways, a huge step forward for motorhome holidays or a huge step back, with an eventual squeeze on margins. So, what does happen if productions eventually go to export. Will this open up a real price war over a given time?

How will other motorhome manufacturers view this development? What are the implications for the environment? Will we see the first electric or hybrid motorhomes? So, many great questions, all to be answered over time.

It is going to be fascinating, to see how it all unfolds. No doubt, others will want to follow? But, for sure the Global motorhome manufacturer, may have just been conceived. Being born and growing up quickly, what the future really holds is anyone’s guess!

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Erwin Hymer Group

Chinese Motorhome Manufacturing

Let us take a quick look, at the facts, as we know them. China is the largest market worldwide, for most things. However, it has not yet been fully all guns blazing, in creating recreational vehicles.

Apparently, about 3,000 motorhomes and caravans, existed 10 years ago, on the roads of China. Currently, it is estimated that 70,000 recreational vehicles, are in China. In fact, the word on the street is, this really is a leisure products, sleeping giant!

Now, to accommodate that giant, the Chinese government is going to help it to get started. In fact, they are in the advanced stages of construction of campsites. Also, removing many obstacles, such as driving license regulations. Not doubt, the road ahead is well and truly on its way!

RV’s In China

There  are many searches related to Chinese Manufactured Motorhomes, such as motorhomes China and motorhomes made in China. All, are signs of real interest in all areas of Chinese motorhomes for sale.

The development of Chinese manufactured motorhomes can only grow. As with the actual development of China campervans and motorhome rental China, has enormous potential. None more so that the development of American type rvs in China, that means that rv sales in China, will develop with or without a USA partner!

Loncen China

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