Choosing Motorhome Layouts

The fact is that choosing motorhome layouts, whilst it is all part of looking for and buying a motorhome. However, when you have settled on a layout, be it an EK (end kitchen) or EB (end bathroom) or some other form of layout. In the end, you will then have to select the layout, that you have decided, is the one for you! Choosing motorhome layouts, now will be a thing of the past or will it?

Which Motorhome Manufacturer?

Now that the large decision on a layout has been made. All you need to do is to choose a make! Most motorhome manufacturers tend to have similar layouts, even on size comparisons. However, the issues of storage and permissible weights, must be taken into consideration.

Overweight motorhomes may be very misleading. Good research and understanding of payloads and personal effects are required. Layout’s are a very personal thing, for example, some like sleeping at the rear of the motorhome, others like children, in the over cab!

What Layout

The art of choosing motorhome layouts, is down to what your requirements really are. Also, making sure that the feel is right, for anyone using the motorhome or campervan. Go along to a motorhome dealers showroom and have a look. Buying the wrong layout, can actually be very frustrating  and it happens, time and time again!  Not to mention costly, as some are driven to change motorhomes. Because, they just cannot get on with how it all works.

Motorhome Layout Jargon

There are always going to be variations on a theme. Especially, where personal choice is involved. So, when choosing motorhome layouts, there are many popular layouts to choose from. Knowing the motorhome jargon helps, the popular layouts are;

  1. EB end bathroom
  2. EK end kitchen
  3. FB fixed bed or French bed
  4. EK TB LP end kitchen, twin benches, low profile
  5. OC over cab beds or storage?

Simple Motorhome Advice

Before that final decision is made. Just re focus on how many people are going to use the motorhome?
Who is coming along? Yes, many potential buyers take a decision that is based on assumptions.

Those assumptions usually revolve around the children, grandchildren, dogs and cat and even granddad and grandma. Just who will all be coming along! The layout is going must appeal to others as well as yours truly. How does that come about and why?

Motorhome Buyers

No doubt having used the motorhome, you may at some stage want to sell your motorhome! So, you need to appeal to a certain buyer and what their whims and fancies may well be. Having a popular layout, should lead to the interest being there when it comes down to sell your motorhome.

You will only need one buyer! However, attracting interest from as many sources as possible, will really help attract a buyer and not just any old tyre kicker.

Searches For Choosing Motorhome Layouts

There are many different searches for motorhome layouts plans. Such as motorhome layout finder, motorhome layouts rear lounge, motorhome layouts 4 berth and 2 berth motorhome layouts. Also, topical are motorhome chooser, small motorhome layouts and motorhome fixed bed layouts.

Different Sizes

With many motorhomes your layout is going to be different due to actual size available. Space is always a factor in choosing motorhome layouts. For example, if you are 6 ft 6 ins and the bed is only 6 ft long, then that is not the layout for you!

Choosing motorhome layouts

How Heavy?

That space of a garage area, is always going to be useful. Especially, for creating extra storage space. However, it can end up like the garage at home! Yes, full of the stuff we meant to throw away. Key again is not being overweight. The remedy is to pop along to your local weigh bridge and check!

Bikes & Scooters

Both can be an essential part of taking things a long to make things easier. For example popping to the local shop or enjoying a ride to the local tourist attraction. In this day and age, certainly bikes they have become part of the set up. So, a motorhome that caters for taking bikes along, is important.

An End Kitchen

Many people love the end kitchen layout. They usually just like the idea that all those cooking smells, remaining at the rear of the motorhome. Worth noting about end kitchens. If you have an end kitchen model, drilling holes in the rear panel for the bike rack,  may provide a few surprises.

Tow Bars

Fear not, always have a tow bar fitted, there is good reason for this. Firstly, you can get a bike rack that fits onto the tow-bar. Also, if someone needs a tow or you want to pull a small car or trailer behind, weight permitting, you can!

Different Layouts

Getting a feel for what the layout looks like is a good idea. The Autosleeper Mercedes motorhomes video of a luxury Autosleeper Malvern, provides an insight to what may be in store. Knowing what to expect, certainly is all part of choosing motorhome layouts.

Layouts Hand Overs

Understanding the layout and how it all works again is important. Knowing how the gas and electricity is stored and operated, again this is important. Taking delivery of a motorhome, from motorhome dealers should provide an invaluable handover experience.

Choosing Motorhome Layouts Handovers

This is where an expert, will handover the motorhome and explain how the layout works. This can be as long as it takes and is important. Because, your safety is also involved here. Knowing where to switch things on and how the layout actually works, is one thing. Knowing how to switch things of in a hurry, is quite a different story.

Layouts Saving Time

Not that we are lazy, but, many of us do not want the hassle of making up a bed, every night. So, this is where a fixed or French bed, comes in handy. Also, those opting for an over-cab, can use the over-cab as a bed, instead of a storage space. This again provides, no need to make up a bed.

Choosing Motorhome Layouts Garages 

The fact that some motorhomes, have garage space at the rear under a fixed bed is popular. What people do not realise that these motorhomes tend to be European ones. What do we mean by European ones? Simply the European tend to eat outside a lot, therefore they do not need a big kitchen inside!

Your Layout

So, which layout do you like? There may be a case for an end kitchen or end bathroom. But, what was the reason for choosing motorhome layouts, did any one thing make you choose? Have you had more than one motorhome layout?

Your Dream Layout?

The one with the winning ticket to the lottery, forgotten in the pull out draw? Let us know, what we could do to help you find, that layout you want. No we do not know where that winning lottery ticket is hidden, honest!

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