Choosing Your Motorhome Layout

There is no doubt, that there may be many different aspects, of choosing your motorhome layout. Looking round at all the different motorhomes, takes time. Eventually, you will just have to pick one. When looking, things like dimensions are going to play a part. You may be 6ft 4ins, but, the bed may only be 6ft!

Right then, that one motorhome, you like the layout of, might lead you to decide quickly. However, either for or against a given make and model. The motorhome layout, may take over what model you buy! In fact, there are so many things to consider. You have to narrow it down, basically, start with who is going to use the motorhome? Just how many berths, do you really need?

On our website, we provide as many videos and dimensions, about as many motorhomes as we can. Our single article here, talking about many different motorhome layouts, just cannot cover them all. So, we will concentrate, on how to go about picking, the right motorhome layout for you. Just concentrate on the type of layout, that really will fit your needs. However, nearly all of the decisions, will largely relate to internal layouts. With combinations of adding options to the layout. But, in the end the choice is going to be all yours!

Sleeping Arrangements

With many motorhome layouts, you have to consider, what is the best sleeping critarior, will it work for you? Finding out is going to turn into a phenomenal job, especially, if you focus on all of the layouts available. Even so, when you start this exercise, not all of the motorhome layouts, will necessarily appeal to everyone. Different horses for courses, so to speak!

For example, if you have children or grandchildren, that you intend to take on trips. Then you may be very attracted by the idea of bunk beds. If you don’t, see that as an option, then that type of sleeping accommodation, may be largely irrelevant. Especially, in terms of your more detailed requirements, for a good night’s sleep!

Many motorhome layouts available, allow you to keep the bed permanently made up. These are referred to as fixed or French beds. That is really useful, if you do not want, to make beds up every night! Lots of other layouts, when it comes down to just beds, will allow additional seating in the accommodation. Many of which will provide single and double beds, with minimal fuss, to convert from the lounge settee base.

There are so many things you may wish to consider:

  1. just how many berths are needed?
  2. how many need to be single or double beds?
  3. beds and sleeping areas size requirements
  4. i.e at the rear, central or in an over cab bed
  5. best sleeping arrangements complementing kitchen layouts which one?
  6. washroom and WC areas adjacent to the beds

Kitchen Arrangements

What to look for in kitchens that all depends where it is being located? Side, rear or integrated, adjacent to the living space.  Many manufacturers are renowned for providing full kitchens. The equipment level contained in many motorhome kitchens is now quite staggering.

If you are a Michelin star chef, then why not demand high standards of kitchen layouts? These are often quality appliances and ones which would grace even a conventional kitchen, just like the ones in a main home. Gizmos and gadgets aside for a moment, many specially-designed motorhome kitchens have good gadgets. Many of which are small and maximise the use of space.

However, when looking for a motorhome kitchen layout, not everyone goes on a motorhome holiday, with the intention of cooking cordon bleu cuisine. But, why let the standard drop? So, you may well prefer eating out or preparing very basic meals. Just requiring minimalist kitchen equipment. Others, will proffer eating that sunday roast, at home, so good oven space, will be essential!

Picking the right motorhome layout for you, this might involve deciding to reduce the amount of floor space. That usually means allocating less kitchen space and having larger living or sleeping areas. Once again, choosing where the kitchen resides in your motorhome, is important. As we have mentioned, some people proffer to have an end kitchen arrangement. So, all those cooking smells are well out of the way. However, others prefer the kitchen layout to be conveniently located, mid-vehicle and near the main sitting /eating areas.

Washroom Arrangements

The WC and bathroom, better when combined or separate? Because, there are no baths, just showers, the bathroom areas are known as washrooms! This is an area, where individual requirements, are most likely to vary.

Of course, hopefully it goes without saying, having a separate washroom area at the rear of the motorhome, works well. Today’s moden motorhomes, have a fully functioning WC, contained within the motorhome. Also, possible is to have a power shower, electrically powered.

Having the option of a WC and shower / washroom room, as two separate units. That does mean that they can be used simultaneously. Lots of people are less concerned about having a full-sized shower. But, having that option you would take it! Think of the resale value here! However, many motorhome owners, are content, to use the campsite communal shower facilities.

Motorhome Advice

There is some great value to be gained, taking free motorhome advice. The more up-front help, sought will definitely be of value. Stepping you through how the layout works is important. There is nothing worse, than sat looking at how the bed unfolds, in the dark! Where you plan to go, what routes you take, will certainly tell you, what sort of motorhome layout you may need.

If you intend to do a lot of wild camping, or certain different remote stopovers, then you may need a well rigged out kitchen. Particular circumstances and requirements, for example,, we touched on this before, some motorhome manufacturers, are renowned for providing full kitchens. Then that might be the detail, that sways you to choose a gally type layout.

Autosleeper Mercedes Layout

An image of an Autosleeper Stanton, from the luxury motorhome range of Mercedes Benz motorhomes. Two bench lounge seats, with an end kitchen layout. The seats make into two single or one double bed. Also, has an end corner washroom with WC.

Choosing Your Motorhome Layout

Motorhomes Campervans Group

For even more discussions, on choosing your motorhome layout join our motorhomes campervans Facebook Group. This is where you can see what others motorhome owners and buyers and sellers are doing. Ask questions, post posts, to help you find those answers in choosing your motorhome layout!

Join Motorhomes Campervans Facebook Group

Virtual Reality 

When considering any layout, sometimes, just being able to compare motorhomes, is very useful. In this day and age of technology, some motorhome manufacturers like Frankia and Autosleeper motorhomes, are turning to offer virtual guided tours of motorhomes.

The days of the Virtual Reality motorhome showrooms has arrived. This is a great way to view inside in 3D and see the details. This allows motorhome layouts to be explored in your own time! When visiting you local friendly motorhome dealers. They do not have every motorhome layout to show you. This way they do. So, you can see what the layouts look like in real time.

For example, looking round a motorhome kitchen in detail, this may be exceptionally useful. To see how much space is available. For example, what the pull out worktop looks like. How big is that grill and oven. What does the make up bed look like? So, if only they would do the dishes, while they are there!

Autosleeper Virtual Reality 

Discover the world of VR Virtual Reality and find that dream motorhome layout. The example below is an Autosleeper Mercedes Bourton luxury motorhome. Discover, dream and see how the whole motorhome is laid out!

Questions & Answers

Just finding all the answers, has it got this and that? Hopefully, making you to think seriously, is this the right one? When choosing your motorhome layout, be careful to think it all over. Do not be talked into any offers of motorhomes with layouts, that you do not like!

As the saying goes “fools rush in where wise men fear to tread”! Some people, rush into selecting the motorhome layout, only to experience, getting it all wrong! Buying this special offer may look good!

But, do not stray from choosing your motorhome layout yourself. With or without motorhome advice, you will have to use it and know how it all works. There may be a great deal on offer, this could lead to influence you in choosing your motorhome layout.

Stop right there and ask “Why is this such a great offer”? The fact may well be, that the layout on offer, is not as popular as you are being told. However, never look “gift horses in the mouth”! This could just be the one, therefore, helping in choosing your motorhome layout and a great deal to boot!

Choosing Your Motorhome Layout

Choosing your motorhome layout just got easier. So, if you favour, one motorhome layout, over another, then check out motorhome forums. Talking to motorhome owners, who are actually using a layout could not be better!

In fact, many will help you find the ups and downs of the motorhome layout you are interested in. This may save hours of time and help you in your decision! Buying any motorhome or campervan is all about decisions.

Including choosing things like, motorhome finance, motorhome insurance and what sort of motorhome warranty, comes with the motorhome. However, it all comes back to choosing your motorhome layout. Getting this right, is key to enjoying many hours in your motorhome.

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