Choosing Your New Motorhome

Even with the vast experience, choosing your new motorhome, can be a daunting prospect. So, for customers who have a motorhome, spare a thought when choosing your new motorhome. Yes, spare a thought for those first time motorhome buyers, who have yet to enter the motorhomes arena. Here at motorhomes campervans, counselling potential new motorhome buyers, is what we do! Yes, it is all about choosing the right new motorhome. Also, a motorhome, that is going to do all the things, a customer expects.

Our role in all this is, to help find contacts that customers may use. As you can imagine, this isn’t something we can do in a brief article. Mainly because that choosing your new motorhome, in the end will come down to our requirements. However, likely the details required, will be unique to you. Those details will inevitably play a large part in deciding the future new motorhome that you purchase. So, let us look at a general overview relating to some of the various new motorhomes on offer. Gatogaries vary, however, the basics remain the same;

New Campervans

New campervans are in demand and this has evolved. With large motorhome manufactures and groups only now realising the potential. Historically there has been a shortage of campervans being available. Therefore this opened the way for converters, to buy second hand vans and convert them.

Campervans have now been put on the agenda of manufacturers lik VW and the Trigano Group. They are producing typically much smaller vehicles like the Fiat Randger and the VW California. Whilst many have basic sleeping facilities, with some additional catering and hygiene facilities too. They are price led and brand new. So, fully converted new interiors, with a new chassis and cab.

Also, legendary VW camper vans of the late 1960s, are demanding huge prices, that is what happens when they reach cult status. All of which were immortalised by the Hippy movement! The VW campervans today based on VW transporter chassis, are entirely different and very sophisticated. However, whilst popular and best suited to use by couples. New campervans, are evolving to pick up the demand of taking children or others along.

New Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes

Choosing your new motorhome

New RV’s Recreational Vehicles

The terminology RV tends to get overshadowed, mainly by the luxury coach models. A completely different kettle of fish. In the USA, “motorhomes” are commonly called “RVs”. The recreational vehicle has come a long way and whilst becoming popular, they are restrictive due to size. When the vehicle has been described as a RV. This usually is a total fact of being built on a very large rig.

Yes, many have been exported and imported from the USA. It is imperative, if you import one, that it is road legal in the UK and EU. Also, there is a very good chance, that you will need a special licence to drive one.

Trailer Tents & Collapsibles

The term of trailer tents and collapsibles, is exactly where the fifth wheel trailers in the US began. Now just because many would not go for a fifth wheel do to the size. However, some would, as with caravans they will get considered. Especially, in a price range considered all options, when choosing a new motorhome. These vehicles, do come into consideration, usually along the line of a small van.

Many campers began the road to migrate, from out and out tent camping. The trailer with collapsible sides, are making camping easy. With flexible walls packed away, neatly inside the actual trailer. Therefore, just so simple to be pulled out,  forming the basis to what has essentially been known as a tent.

Understanding The Deal

Choosing your new motorhome, is going to make a dent in your bank balance. Therefore, this is not something to be rushed. Because, you will start out with one idea and budget, only to find that may not quite be enough. Even the entry-level purchases, can soon be misleading, As, choosing a new motorhome, is going to involve spending a significant amount of hard earned cash. Just when you think you have cracked it, you will discover that specification is costly.

Here at motorhomes campervans, we urge you to consider, some free motorhome advice.  Also, it is important to get it right, in terms of your requirements. Our primary objective with all the information on the website, is to ensure you get a vehicle that you are happy with. Thus, rather than simply to see you opt for the first motorhome that takes your fancy. Usually they either looks cheap or fits the choice you think are looking for.

Providing support via our contacts, discussing this entire area, in detail with you further will help you. Hopefully, this provides sound motorhome advice, to help you.

New Van Conversions

There are many different new van conversions, they have been growing in popularity. In fact, when compared to a campervan, van conversions are much larger and much more luxuriously equipped. In most cases, they have washrooms and fully built in showers. Many start out life as a panel van or even a smaller standard commercial van.

Motorhome manufacturers, very quickly start about, extensively customising and provide sleeping arrangements. Alongside, other accommodation-related facilities. They are developed into the realms of luxury, with comfortable lounge spaces and kitchen areas. The van conversions are popular and for many, a great vehicle to downsize into. As many motorhome dealers will explain, they have become regarded as a sort of “entry-level coachbuilt motorhome”.

New Coach-Built Motorhomes

There is a range of coachbuilt motorhomes, that are aimed at being a price led products. So, when choosing your new motorhome be aware of what extras cost! These price led motorhomes, still remain popular and many are not like your normal motorhome. Many are for the rental market and do not have every gismo as standard. In fact, you find that the base price is low and the gizmos are extra cost. They usually have options to upgrade the specifications, via premium packs. Choosing your new motorhome with a good specification, will help sell it when the time comes.

Luxury Coachbuilt Motorhomes

That leads us on to the luxury providers of motorhomes in the UK. They tend to be much more expensive and on larger chassis. Also, some are built on AL KO specialist chassis. This is all about space and specification and typically, these are vehicles that contain other fundamental structural components. Choosing your new motorhome from a luxury range, is going to cost anywhere between £70 to £150K.

A coachbuilder follows the traditions set out before, especially, in designing something special. So, therefore, specialist designs, paves the way to build luxury motorhome accommodation. With top specification engines and transmissions, therefore, being the flagship of the range; usually, on to the larger chassis. Hense, this provides more larger berth accommodation. Many have the fully fitted kitchens and luxury shower, with all the combined chemical WC facilities. If you are looking at choosing your new motorhomes, they certainly do offer viable holiday accommodation.

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