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CMS trade auction direct online buyers November 2023. Are you a trade motorhome campervan or leisure vehicle dealer? We invited you to join CMS Trade auctions and have access online to sales of many pre-owned stocks. Purchased by the “we buy any Motorcaravan team” direct from owners Nationwide with over forty vehicles entered online to be sold in auction via the BCA auction view monthly. Joining other switched-on used motorhome and campervan dealers. CMS is a trade-only sale with details and appraisals available to members only. Call us today on 01283 240237 or tick the box request to join and they will call you. Other benefits include online training and access to motorhome and campervan guarantees from leading warranty company Engineer Aftercare. Find out what online buyers think;

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CMS Trade Auctions 

There is a wide range of vehicles available CMS, is a trade-only auction website for used leisure vehicles, including motorhomes, campervans, caravans, and awnings. The auctions are online, and buyers must register with the website to participate. CMS Trade Auctions offers a variety of features that make it a convenient and efficient way to buy or sell used leisure vehicles. Here are snippets of information from Google Bard about the CMS Trade auction.

A wide variety of vehicles

CMS Trade Auctions offers many used leisure vehicles, such as Auto-Sleepers, Autotrail, Baily, Elddis, Chasson, Hymer, Dethleffs, Frankia, McLouis and VW, Fiat, Peugeot and Mercedes Benz, van conversions, coach-built motorhomes and even RVs.

Online auctions

The auctions are online, which makes it easy for buyers to participate from anywhere in the world. Once you have an account, you are good to go with help from BCA auctions and access to stock and lot numbers.

Registered buyers only

The auctions are only open to registered buyers, which helps ensure buyers are professionally delt with and are serious about bidding.

Trade valuations

CMS Trade Auctions provides trade valuations for all of the vehicles listed on the website, which helps buyers get a good idea of the fair market value of the vehicle they are bidding on.

Free registration

Registration with CMS Trade Auctions is for dealers only and free to trade buyers, so there is no cost to browse the auctions or bid on vehicles. Just the auction buying fees to pay like any auction.

Fast, fair and friendly CMS business auctions

In addition to these features

CMS Trade Auctions also offers several other benefits to buyers, including access to habitation guarantees from leading warranty companies.

Access to a wide variety of stock

CMS Trade Auctions has access to a wide variety of stock, including vehicles that are not available on the open market.

Find rare or unique vehicles

CMS Trade Auctions can help buyers find rare or unique vehicles that they may not be able to find elsewhere.

The ability to negotiate prices

Buyers can negotiate prices with sellers on the CMS Trade Auctions platform.

Browse, Bid and Buy

Yes, it is that simple for most trade buyers this has become a great place to buy in stock from this friendly, fair and fast way to buy online and get quality stock.

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